The Wingman by Natasha Anders


3.5 stars, solely for the awesome writing style Natasha Anders never failed to provide.

I’ve always been a fan of Natasha Anders since I fell in love with the first read of The Unwanted Wife. Ever since, I’ve always waited patiently for her next book.

I got hooked right away just after I read the synopsis of The Wingman. Yet somehow I can’t relate to the story when I finally read it full, and it’s mainly because of the characters.

Of course it’s still well-written, it’s Natasha Anders after all.
But for the characters? *rolls eyes*

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2017 Movies for My Inner Child

It feels like New Year was just yesterday but suddenly we’re already in February! I guess time really flies. But in this case, time has moved too slow for me, because I really can’t wait for these movies to be released.


Who can’t wait to see the new version of them too? Unlike other little girls back then who adored the Pink Ranger, I was always a huge fan of Yellow Ranger. So you must understand my surprise when, once upon a time, they decided to give the Yellow Ranger role to a boy…

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Christmas Without You

A year ago,

I captured this shining moment with you.

I remember your cute way giving me a present.

Do you remember

At this very moment,

That we used to share together?

All those smiles, all those laughs.

Every happy kiss,

Every tender feeling.

It’s painted in my heart.


Merry Christmas to you,

The one that got away.