Just Wicked Enough – Lorraine Heath

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A 5 solid stars Romance.

Michael, a poor Marquess, needed fund desperately for his mother. He decided to auction his only possession, his title. Enter the heroine, Kate. Kate’s father was one of the peers that had a lot of money but no title. So her father bid him for his daughter, Kate.

The problem was, Kate had been married before with Wesley Wedley the jerk (no, it wasn’t his real name), when she’s seventeen, but her marriage was annulled. Wesley Wedley the jerk had tasted his dessert, tho, if you know what I mean. Kate had been in love with him so now she wouldn’t accept less in her marriage. She wanted a husband who knew her fav color. Geez. So Michael ended up courting his wife.

Michael was a boy – sorry, a man – who appeared as a cold hard man, but had a heart like a golden. You’ll know what I mean after you read it.
He’s so humble, eager to please, and the most unselfish hero I’ve ever met. I didn’t even find a flaw in him (or maybe it’s just me). All I could see throughout the book was he’s so worthy of love.

He’s so unselfish that when he knew she love the Wesley Wedley bastard, he just accepted it and gave her permission to pretend he was someone else while he loved her. He didn’t kiss her and didn’t make even a tiny sound when he made love to her so he wouldn’t ruin her fantasy *sounds of my heart fell*
He’s trying so hard to worth her only affection, because he knew that she would never love him like she loved the Wesley Wedley *sounds of my heart breaking to pieces*
And the most part that triggered my emotion was Michael tried to save Wesley Wedley from getting shot, because he knew she loved him NOOOO!! *at this point my heart had already bleeding for him*. I wanted to hug him, gave him comfort and love he deserved all along.

And you know what the Wesley Wedley the jerk did after Michael saved him?? He wanted to leave Michael to die! WHAT A JERK!! I would be so happy to shot him myself. *cut his p**** more likely!*

So you see why I said he’s the most unselfish hero I’ve ever met, so worthy of love I wanted to shed my tear for him..eh, I actually did. He’s trying to please everyone but him.

Kate…was a find heroine. I didn’t dislike her nor hate her, I just found that I wasn’t really satisfied with her. I mean, I need more from her to decide she’s worthy enough for my Michael *ups!* But well, since Michael’s happiness was her, then yeah, it’s okay.. humph..

This book was so good, and to think I skipped the first chapters, ugh! But I just can’t repeat it. I despised myself!! Things I’m sure was 3/4 of books was worth a gold. Who I’m kidding, my Michael’s worth of golds.

“If it pleases you.”

And in his words, as always, Kate heard the echo of I love you. 

Still melting for him right now ❤ ❤ ❤

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