The Stephanides Pregnancy by Lynne Graham

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This book really gave me a good laugh. I know, i know, it supposed to be an angsty story with all that pregnancy and cheating-hero type.

Cristos saw Betsy first a month before and immediately fancied her.When he’s back, he’s surprised by his cousin with a limousine service which Betsy whom the chauffeur. Of course Cristos wouldn’t waste time to seduce her. Betsy took offence by his approach and called him snob. *chuckle* Then they’re kidnapped.

The thing was their kidnapper was so ‘kind’ to provide them with an exotic island and a honeymoon villa. See, just from this point alone was kind of ridiculous. Betsy tried to back him off when he still shamelessly tried to seduce her even when he believed she’s behind his kidnapping. But she really stood her ground (not a weak woman indeed).

‘I can admire a painting without wanting to buy it-‘

I almost danced with joy when she said it! Finally someone said it in HP! I’m bored with HP scenes where a hero call the heroine a liar when she tell him she don’t want him, just because he sees the way she look at him. Puhlease *rolling eyes*

Their heated arguments were some so funny I couldn’t help to laugh. Cristos was a shameless confident playboy in one. When Betsy rejected him bluntly he even dare to take offense at this point.

‘Why wouldn’t you fall in love with me?’ 

I had to laugh at this one. Really? Anyhoo, after an ‘agreement-that-nobody-get-hurt’ finally the inevitable happened of course, with all the spark of sexual electricity between them. They had enjoyed a happy ‘escape’ for five days when they’re rescued.

It’s then revealed that their kidnapper was his cousin who conveniently dead in helicopter accident right after he dropped them on the island. Poor him, tsk.

He asked her to be his mistress but Betsy, felt betrayed because Cristos in fact had a fiancee, totally denied him. Until she realized that she’s pregnant so she seek him again. She expected him to hold his promise to support her when she’s fallen pregnant. What she didn’t bargain for was he immediately asked her to marry him.

Uhm..for me the plot was ended on that because the scenes after that were simply a series of something in order to the common ending in HP, the love confession.

Now, as for the characters.
I usually hate it if my hero was a cheater. Whether he cheats on heroine or cheats with her. Cristos was clearly had a fiancee when he slept with Betsy (at least he realized that it’s his mistake later). But I simply couldn’t hate him. In my eyes, he didn’t even a tough, ruthless alpha hero. He was a spoils rotten golden boy who simply didn’t understand words No. Brush aside his cheating way, I had to admit he’s rather cute.

Betsy was one hell of a bossy woman. She loved car, she had a goal to open garage. Not your usual heroine. I like her with her wittiness and bluntness. She’s an open book but had strength to defend her own feeling. I think they’re suitable because he needed someone who could discipline him. Whereas she needed someone with his arrogant way who couldn’t accept a No.

Their characters were bordering to funny ones. Their relationship reminded me of a naughty and sulky little boy with his tough mummy. Lol. At this point I already forgot that I supposed to read an angsty story. Instead I ended up focusing on their amusing behavior.

‘Your conviction that you’re an intensely lovable person and fatally attractive to virgins,’

While he was being treated like the plague for being engaged, Betsy was entertaining-in a room with a bed in it-the louse who had cheated on her with her own sister. Where was the justice in that?

‘I didn’t think you would. You have the sensitivity of a concrete block.’

‘You just rang a bell and summoned another person to pour two drinks from a cabinet only ten feet away from you.’
His winged ebony brows pleated. ‘What of it?’ ‘Oh … nothing,’ she muttered.

‘You’re engaged to another woman yet you’ve slept with me and you’ve asked me to be your mistress. With that evidence, I don’t need to be bright to deduce that you would be the equivalent of the husband from hell!’

‘You’d have to be faithful … no excuses, no slips. I’d help you … I’ d watch you like a hawk,’ she warned him. ‘You won’t get away with anything, not even a flirtation if you marry me. Could you live like that?’

‘Patras said no woman could be interested in hearing what a smart-mouthed kid I had been unless she loved me. I didn’t believe him.’

An enjoyable read!

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