Yesterday’s Sin by Shirley Wine

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2.5 stars.

Now, this book has a promising plot. more important, has a promising groveling hero too. but sadly, everything going wrong with a bad writing. a pity.

So, we have a ruthless, nasty hero, Alex, who even after he’d drugged, kidnapped, forced his baby to the heroine, Catriona still had gut to say this:
“It wasn’t me you hated, Catriona. What you hated was your need to satisfy the craving of your awakened sexuality.”

Huh? really? even if you’re right, you dared to say that? where’s your conscience? your nephew’s dead, so we talk about a life, but then you forced a baby to an eighteen yo girl who still had a chance for a good future. now we talk about 2 lives and the complicated future. as far as i know, that’s not an eye for an eye. that’s the whole face for an eye.

After a traumatizing experience like that, Catriona now became a mess. all she had were insecurity, mental scars, and violence. now, did i surprised? well, partly yes.
So, Catriona threw the food, slapped with no reason, cursed in front of her child, and threw a vase, that almost hit her own daughter. and every time something’g wrong, she left her daughter with no conscience. All she could think was about her own self. bleh. and she didn’t feel guilty after that, just “oh, what would my daughter think about ME?” double bleh.

now it becomes 2 stars.

there’re some things i don’t get:
– Gregory explained he’d given her money to give her a choice, after she asked him to help her to leave. and she said, Gregory paid her to leave. ??!!
– When Alex and Cat kissed, blablabla, suddenly Sarah called them, and wambam, they’re on the bed??? my eyes must be wrong.
– Luke, Gregory and Alex could come into her bedroom freely. wow. you wanted to create some macho men’s character? where’s the privacy??
– About the cousin, Jessica. She killed his nephew, got put in a jail because of that, and she’s bitter mad about that?? conscience flyyy to the wind. and she could blackmailed them? i don’t get any sense in that. unless, my mind already crumble because of this ridiculous story.

were the character’s hateful? nope, i didn’t hate them. they’re just ridiculously stupid and imbecile i wanted to push them one by one down off the cliff.

i got my head hurt and lots of wrinkles on my face reading this.

now it’s 1 star. not recommended.

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