Her Royal Masquerade by Natasha Moore

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*ARC received via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review


4 stars for a sweet heart-warming story about a prince and his Cinderella.
This story was literally like a Cinderella story where a beautiful yet common woman dressed in a beutiful gown, pretended to be a princess and met her Prince Charming. The difference was this Cinderella story was definitely an adult-version, where a princess could stay through the night, if you know what I mean 😉

The plot was rather unoriginal, right? I’ve read a lot of stories just exactly using this plot. But like I said, it’s the author’s job to make it unique to each own. And this author was rather succeessful in hers.

Mia, a school teacher, had been asked by her princess cousin, Birgitte to stand in for her in a ball because they’re resembled to each other. That night, Mia and Vittorio met as a royal couple. Vittorio didn’t know that Mia was not the Ice Princess he intended to marry and set to allure her, beside he’d already felt a strong connection with her, what’s the wrong if he extended his hope? Mia, after almost of her life being treated as a second best after her cousin, wanted to be the one lucky princess that seduce the prince charming that night.

The morning after, the princess was dissappear. And the prince charming searched for her.

When Vittorio knew that Mia had deceived him he felt betrayed and crushed. Crushed because he’d already set his hope soared higher than before, that he could have a royal marriage where he had a suitable bride. Instead, the bride turned out to be a commoner, and his country had this silly marriage decree that royalty must married another royalty. So he couldn’t have her as a wife, right? The solution? Kidnapped her and made her his mistress until the real princess returned.

The beginning itself turned out to be better than I expected. Yes, I’d been bored a little bit until Vittorio finally knew the truth. After that, the story was kinda hooked me all along. Things got interesting after she became his ‘mistress’. I liked how the author was not focused too much to the hero and heroine only. There’s more than their passionate love-making that I could learn to love Mia and Vittorio for themselves.

I certainly liked Mia’s character. Hers was very mature, strong and developed at some turns. Vittorio’s not the alpha hero-jerk like usual, he’s certainly being selfish about her ‘owing’ him. But he treated her like a true princess and gradually became a wonderful hero in my eyes.

I found that some scenes were quite heart-breaking, such as where he stayed up at night to find a way around the royal marriage decree or when she tried to stay strong by saying no. Finally, the King himself found his wisdom and rescinded the decree so they now could married because they loved each other.

And to the man she loved, who had showed her she could be more than she thought she could be. Who was strong enough to not let her go. Who believed in her and the life they could live together.

I only need an epilogue and the second book about Rico.
Oh, by the way, there’s only one character that confused me. Brigitte. Was she supposed to be a selfish person that left Mia and agreed to a cold marriage, or a cousin who looked lost after Mia refused to stand in for her again (well, Vittorio asked her help) because she cared enough to Mia’s happiness? What?

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