Just One Last Night by Helen Brooks

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This book has an interesting plot. It seems I’m in the mood for second-chance-theme lately.

Melanie and Forde were married in haste. First meeting, they’re attracted to each other. First dating, Forde fell in love fast and hard. I wasn’t sure about Melanie. Three months after that, they’re married and Forde became a sweet, perfect husband. I still wasn’t sure about Melanie.

Melanie wanted to start trying for a baby right away, Forde was fine, of course. What would a loving husband do anyway? So they live blissfully happy for eleven months and she’s pregnant. Melanie had an accident, had a miscarriage, then walk out of her marriage. Just like that.

I realize that she had a terrible past as a child. But over a year living happily in love (this I was assuming, of course, because I really couldn’t catch up with her feeling throughout the book), your husband adored you, at least you would still have to talk together, right? Face your griefs together. That’s what a sensible person do as a couple in love marriage. Unless, you married for convenience only to feel being loved and only want to have your own family and when it hadn’t happened as you wish, you simply decided to “okay, i’ve tried it and failed so that’s it.” Divorce just a click away.

What is the words by the way? You can’t feel love unless you love yourselves? Well, something like that. I think those words could be applied in this heroine. She’s pictured as a cold woman but in my eyes she’s fallen to a very vulnerable woman category.

Still, it’s a good story when she had a great husband who tried to convince her that she’s not stupid. Ups. Sorry, can’t hold it!

A 3 stars mild romance to fill your time.

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