Played by the Billionaire by Alexia Adams

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*ARC received via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review

Liam had made a death-bed promise to his brother, Marcus, to finish writing his book. Liam, our computer-genius hero (but also hot too, imagine it!), was no stranger to writing. The problem was all his writings before were kinda in robotic language if you know what I mean. Write about a L-word romance? He’s so screwed.

The solution, of course, wasn’t so far from his speciality. To feel a romance? He had to hack some dating sites and find a woman. Woo her for a while until the book finish. Easy as a click on the mouse. What he didn’t bargain for was he met Lorelei and everything went on out of his previous plan.

What I like was his disguised as Liam had come out in the middle of the story. Only, that’s not the whole secret and that’s really keep me anticipating what it would be like when all come out.

Lorelei and Liam was a great couple. Lorelei was a loving woman, whom love to manage a household full of children. She had wanted ten children (!!) but then compromised to only five or six. Fiuh, baby, take it easy for your poor womb and vagina.

Liam, on the other way, had an unloving childhood because his mother was a bitter bitch. He didn’t believe he’s worthy to be loved. Only his Marcus loved him all the way from he’s a baby until he became a billionaire.

I had to admit I loved the going-to-the-ending-part. Why I said that? Because it’s not only the ending that wonderful. Liam got into trouble because of a book, right, so he had to solve it with a book too. I shred my tears a bit when I read this part. And I reeeally loved the ending. Poor Marcus, he deserved to live a hundred years.

Oh by the way, this book doesn’t really have an explicit sex-scene for a contemporary one. But that’s refreshing and I surprisingly like it that way. This one is one of a few books that I can say it keep me entertaining throghout the story. Honestly, it’s not a grand awesome story. But if you like to read a sweet story while you’re in bed, clutch in a warm blanket in a cold weather, with some hot chocolates…sorry I started wandering, anyway, this one is for you 🙂

PS: don’t forget the hot cover too!


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