Night of Pleasure by Delilah Marvelle

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*ARC received via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review

Derek and Clementine had shared their bond when they’re merely a child being he’s only eighteen and she’s fourteen. Of what scenes they started to bond I won’t give it a spoiler but I’ll admit it brought me to tears.
After they’d spent their weeks together then they’re separated for a whole seven years until she’s come to age to marry. They continued their ‘relationship’ by letters (well, what else?) which Derek held to it to his heart.

The conflict started when they met again to marry, or rather I say, when he eager to marry and she…tried to cancel it. They got married anyway and the conflict became more complicated (thou getting more ridiculous after a while).
I’ll make a confession, a lot of confessions. At first I found it a bit dragging and I unconsciously made a note in my head every time I found something worth to write in my review (read it was boring, what else could I do?). But, even though I thought the conflict was getting ridiculous, I found myself dragged into their story after they’re married. I unconsciously stopped making a note.

I absolutely like their strengths and efforts to put their marriage a priority. The author did a lovely struggling for both of them and came up with a lovely and better characters in the end.
They had their own weakness and insecurity but they’re willing to fight for their precious marriage and put aside their ego.

Now, I’ll complain a bit. The synopsis says that to save their marriage they got their lesson from an experience courtesan or something (I forgot the exact of it), I really expected to read about it when I start reading this.
In fact, the ‘lessons’ only came up in the last few chapters. Oh, I love the quote in each chapter by the way. Misleading synopsis aside, I’ll confess too that it might be for the better. We don’t want to read about the lessons anyway, but about two lovers who gradually learn to embrace their love and weakness and all.

I like the characters too.
Derek was a charming man who had no control of his mind, his mouth, his everything. He’s kind of man who live with passion regardless what’s the occasion. Well, he obviously love with passion.
He’s too ‘Shakespearey’ for my taste but I couldn’t prevent my self went ‘oww-ing’ a little bit every once in a while when I read his sweetness to her. I almost disgusted my self. He even could make a conversation about candy sounds hot. I have to check my head.

Our hero was the one with all the feelings and no controls and our heroine was the cool one, who had him in her little palm. Not quite an alpha hero but in this case, he made me drooled.
Derek fell in love like a brick at first sight and while it had been the same with Clementine, she’s more reserved in expressing her own feeling.
I must say that it’s not only him who doubted her, I did.

Anw, I found some amusing conveys between them. Like when she thought that kissing a woman on the mouth impregnates her. I was like, ‘whaatt??’

Oh oh and this one,
“Our clothes come off and my lower half penetrates you.” 
The best ten words to describe sex, don’t you think? lol.

Overall, the story was more intense than I expected it to be. But since I quite enjoyed it I’ll give it 4 stars. Honestly, here’s the last confession, after reading this I now wanted to read my usual-ruthless-hero. Yeah, Derek was that romantic. Too much sweet will give you diabetic, you know.

“Dedicate yourself to bettering yourself and your life will become what you need it to be: worthwhile.” – The School of Gallantry

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