Or should I say Gojira? I think Gojira suits more, don’t you think? So yeah, I’ve just watched this s0-awesome-everyone-talks-about-it movie. And it seems this movie is one of the Box Offices now.

The story began with Dr. Serizawa and his colleague found a fossil which was one of the older Godzilla. Inside of him (presumably the Godzilla is male), he found a parasite egg that later called MUTO. I have to say this scene was rather intense and I don’t see why. Seriously.

Pardon me, but I will jump up to a scene where…TADAAA!! Our hero’s already a man, ladies! And to look shallower, while the whole studio was still quiet because our hero just came back from a war or something, I and my friend were already enthusiastically searching for his name in our phones.


Source: Click Image

Look at me, gorgeous! ♥

PS. Is it just me or he looks a bit like Channing Tatum? 

Honestly, Godzilla had its pretty boring scenes and it seemed the director knew it. Why else he make this gorgeous face closed up too many times? And no, I’m definitely NOT complaining ♥ The day I complain about you throw me a gorgeous face like that one, just hit me please.

Anyway, back to the story.

Fifteen years later, the parasite was growing bigger and started to hunting for his food. At the beginning it seemed that the parasite followed our hero anywhere he went, so forgive me if I thought he’s a female :)) Little did the human know, this parasite was a male hunting for his female to reproduce. The female? Of course she’s 100x bigger than he was. Seriously, if this pattern applied in human, all gorgeous guy will go for bigger women. So there I was, curious about how in the h*ll they’re gonna do ‘it’ in public space. Yeah yeah, I know my mind’s little bit dirty.

And when they finally met, the male just kinda gave her food and…that’s it.


You disappointed me, little MUTO ( I also did hope that the female’s gonna eat the male after, by the way. I know I’m mean )

OH OH, I forgot to mention our true biggest hero in this movie! Here he is…

Source: Click Image

Don’t be fooled with this fierce performance.

He’s so cute like a bear! *super big hug*

In a few words, the MUTOs were parasite and made the world unbalanced. To make it balance? Let the stronger predator killed it. Well, that’s the theory. I won’t give it any more spoilers. Beside, this movie didn’t interest me much I want to give it a full review.

The lesson you can take from this Godzilla movie?


If you know that your film’s gonna be quite boring with monsters and city’s destruction (repeat), pick a gorgeous male leading and keep him closed up then and again.


Godzilla is a big cutey bear.


I want Godzilla for a pet.

Here’s a bonus.

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