This Year’s Black by Avery Flynn

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*ARC received via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review

First thing first, I LOVE THE COVER! Well I love red so I may be biased *shrug*

This is not a first time I read a romance where I got a fighter heroine. So it shouldn’t surprise me with all the fightings, the bruises, and the jacks, right? The thing is all those kinda books are usually a paranormal ones, so it’s still feel different, you know. Like the fact that this is a first time I got a villain that looked like a warm aunt but turned out to be an evil ditchy-witchy (don’t know what it means, but sounds fit)

Devin and Ryder (Ryder, really?) had one night stand together when Ryder’s friend, Sylvie, urged her to once again went out of her comfort zone. Instead went to a safe, nerd man like she usually did in her non-commitment-year, she went to a macho, tattooed man, our hero Devin. One night, amazing f*ck, and bye-bye. Rejected calls and texts followed.

The problem was Ryder (remind me she’s not a guy) had a problem with trusting men, because well, she’s often fallen for wrong guys. Pretty poor her. She’s a fighter and worked with her brother in security field. When some company needed her security skills, she marched up like a professional cold woman in her all-black-suit. Imagine her surprise when she had to look eye to eye with the hot guy who made her fell apart in his hands. Devin, the devil! (sounds like a curse, but it still suit :p there’s something wrong with my head today)

Long story short so I won’t give any spoilers, they had to work together to capture the embezzler. It’d be pretty easy without the sexual tension between them, really.

This is also my first time reading a book by this author. Yeah, the author did a pretty good job in her writing style. Really, nothing’s worse the mood when you read about a fight but it felt like imagining them having tea. In this one, I could really imagine them having a fight and man, you’d absolutely fall for Devin too.

A hot, tattooed guy with bruises on his drooling-worthy-abs after a dirty fight? Hold up your pants, girls!

Overall, this book’s quite more than I expected, but in a good way. I enjoyed it a lot, and imagine if there’s a film about this. Hey, that sounds cool! Oh, but I forgot, I can’t forgive the author for not giving an epilogue. Hence, the 4 stars instead of 4.5 stars.

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