Avenge Me by Maisey Yates

Hot Cover ♥

I’m not exactly sure how to rate this one. It’s a Harlequin but it didn’t feel quite like one. But for a story, it did deserve a 5 stars.

Just don’t expect it to be a full-blown-out romance with all the cutest stuffs. This one absolutely defines a dark romance. Well, and a lot of dark sex too. But meh…

Katy and Austin met at a party unknowing about each other identity and had sex. And while the author constantly said it’s a Dom/Sub kind of sex, honestly I didn’t see why. Maybe because I’ve read books about that before and those’re worse. But really, all I saw was a completely normal sex, with a lot of ‘spices’ if you know what I mean ;p Anw, that’s not a big issue.

The big issue was they seemed to heal each other through a controlled/uncontrolled sex but they kind of overdid it for me. I mean, every time they had sex they brought a lot of baggage into it. And when they tried to do the tender love-making-and-all-that-shit, they freaked out. Yeah yeah, that being healthy.

This story mostly concern about a ‘sick’ old lawyer and his son who freaked out to be like his father, and a woman who looked for revenge. Kind of intense, I’d say, huh.

You figured it out that both the characters were full of dirty baggage and all. In fact, Katy honestly confessed that she was a drug-user to numb all her pain after her sister’s death. I’d rather say that she had much more baggage than Austin but she’s the stronger one who’d been brave enough to get what she wanted. So you get that, I like her a lot.

In the other side, Austin had been a golden boy before his friend fell onto the ground from the top of a building. He had his life mapped out, he had everything, fame, money, all those things that mattered. Except one thing, a sane father. After that faithful night, he brought a guilt to a new level, for not wanted to hear his friend’s problem and ignored her pleas.

I really did like this story because the characters were not a fake. They seemed real with all their weaknesses, their nightmares, and their fears. They even took some cowardly way to escape from the ugliness of the world. That’s what made them human in my eyes, and the story..well, it sounded more real for me. Not that I approved their way, but hey, I didn’t want to judge it either.

Its lack of romance was compensated by their dry humors that gave me some good laughs. It’s a 5 stars if you’re in the mood for something different in romance. So when you take this one, make sure you have the right mood or you’ll end up hating this. Because this book’s just like Katy and Austin, you take them all that good and bad thingy, or nothing at all. You’ll either like this Avenge Me or it will leave a bad taste in your mouth.

For me, since I adored the heroine and yes, I was in the right mood, this one is absolutely a great book.

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