Deeply in You by Sharon Page

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*ARC received via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review

Helena, a proper governess, was in fact a spy.

That one sentence should intrigue me more to read about it. Well, at first I was. Intrigued, I mean. Later, not so much, seeing what a poor job she did it.

Helena and her family were blackmailed to spy on Duke of Greybrooke to find some proofs that H’s a country’s traitor. The problem with that was the Duke. Grey, the Duke, was a ‘dark’ aristocrat that held secrets about his sexuality and huh, another woman’s secret. Should I be impressed?

Grey was used to get what he wanted, so when he saw Helena and immediately attracted to her, he went for it in a big way. Diamonds, poem, and shackles. I’ve to admit I didn’t see the latter coming.

For entering his study, Helena had to first enter his home, right? So she finally agreed to become his mistress. Their having-sex was what I called a Dom/Sub literally. He tied her up, spank her, well, you know. Just it’s not as ‘scary’ as a contemporary one, it’s historical, what do you expect?

The only ‘scary’ stuff in this hisrom was there’s a psychopath in an Earl form. Anyway, early in their affair, Grey knew her betrayal for spying him up but still made her his mistress. He planned to seduce her so she’d give up her secrets. What he didn’t bargain was he gradually cared for her. Helena? She’s already halfway to fall in love with him.
Still, when both of them had learned each other’s secrets, they had one enemy left who’d destroy many lives. He already had, by the way.

I think this one is the only historical romance which is so dark and complicated that I ever read. You have complicated sex, complicated pasts, complicated secret, all in one. Overwhelming.

So yes, I’m being honest to say I. Got. Bored. Not at the beginning, tho. That’s why it still earns 3 stars for me. I wish the author would stuck in one heavy issue, instead of mixing it to get one villain. So boring, and not worth the effort (the effort I did to read it, at least).

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