Dance So Cool!

I actually love dance. Just the dance. So does it mean I don’t like dancing? Nah, I like dancing too, if I’m not too lazy to move my body. Unfortunately, yeah, I’m too lazy.

Beside, nobody want to see a board trying to dance. I’m that stiff I’ll crack if I bend. Poor me.

So all I can do now is watching some awesome-how-can-you-even-do-that-damn-flexible-thingy-people doing the dancing for me *yeah, you hope G*

Anywaaay, I found this one awesome video this afternoon and I can’t stop watching it again and again. The people dancing is The Company. It’s a hip-hop dance crew from the West Coast, and in this video they competes at the Vibe XIX 2014 dance competition with an impressive synchronized routine. I do mean an impressive synchronized move. Well, there’s one little miss (you’ll notice it) but it’s still awesome. Says me, who can’t dance. But really, they’re great. They won the second place by the way. Kinda cool, right?

Here, check it out yourself!


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