Secrets of Bollywood Marriage by Susanna Carr

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I’ll make a confession. I like this book more than I expected.
This is the first book I read about a Bollywood romance. Even Bollywood movie I know only one remarkable movie of all time. Kuch Kuch Hota Hai, I bet you know it too. That, I can watch it repeatedly without getting bored. But a novel? So you understand I didn’t give it too much expectation.

I distinctly remember when I was a child, 6 yo or something, every time I saw a Bolywood movie and then they started dancing, my mom would ask me to follow them. Unfortunately, me and my body couldn’t, can’t, follow a command that good. Like I said, I’m so stiff I’ll crack if I slightly bend, or worse my back would’ve been gone out. Don’t mention that I’m a clumsy mess too :))

Dev and Tina had started an affair after Dev fell in love at her first sight. That affair ended when Tina figured it out that she’d fallen pregnant and they got married. After a short blissful marriage, everything had gone from one trouble to another. He’d been so busy, they grew distance, she had miscarriage, and the worst of it? They faced their own grieves apart, with their own way. She closed up the minute she knew her baby son had died, rejected him again and again and finally snapped, she run away from their marriage to contain her depression.

Dev had been broken-hearted when she left him. You see, contrast to his image as a reckless actor, he loved her so much I bleed for him. But he still had mistake in his marriage, though. He’s so busy in his work that he didn’t give her the attention he should had give from the first. Yes, he provided her, the servants, the doctors, but not his caring. That’s why they grew distance. She thought that he only married her for the heir.

So when she came back out of nowhere and asked for the divorce, this time he vowed not to miss even one miss-out. She would have to stay for two months then he would grant her the divorce. Well, of course that’s only a talk.

I remember I have read some books that using this exact plot, but not all of them deserved a second-chance marriage. This one, Dev and Tina, definitely deserved it.

They both matured all the way together and started to trust each other. I didn’t like Tina at first, she seemed so weak to me and you may feel the same way with me if you read it (tho it seemed not fair to judge her since I never experience it), but later on, she started to grow on me and I understood her more. I found I admire her all the more because she’s strong enough to overcome her weakness.

Dev wasn’t the complex character here. Oddly, I liked it. I’m at the point when I’m bored with all the Harlequin heroes that have lotta baggages. Dev might not come from a happy family, yes, he had a little baggage, but it’s only rather a habit. His parents’ life centered around works, so he just simply followed through. Well, maybe he wanted to prove something a bit too, but that’s a normal thing. Even you have to prove something to yourself too.

I liked that they didn’t spite out at each other too much. They had their introspection within themselves and learned their past mistakes. I liked it more that after they learned it, they actually put into actions to do something better. Unfortunately, one of them had been burned enough in the end. This little miss-step had me disappointed a bit although I was understood the reason and felt sorry too.

The epilogue was the one you wouldn’t want to miss. For a sucker like me for a happy ending epilogue (the longer the time span, the better), I absolutely loved it! Hence the final 5 stars.

PS. Don’t miss the dancing. You won’t feel the Bollywood unless you feel the dancing 😉

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