Breathing Room by Susan Elizabeth Phillips

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This is NOT a children-psychology book

The cover gives a wrong impression. I thought this was a children-psychology book or something like that. Lol. Who knows that the heroine was in her early thirties. *rolling eyes*

I do miss SEP. This author always has her own unique writing style that give me a lot of amusing time while reading her books.

Dr. Isabela Favor was an American’s sweet and perfect diva. All this time she ran her life by following her own Corner Fourpillars (or whatever, it still sounds ridiculous anyway) to the bit. But did it guarantee her life to be as smooth as she wanted? Apparently not. This heroine obviously didn’t know that life’s never perfect. Her professional and personal life were in chaos after one too many scandals. For someone as strict as she was, you could imagine what it would be like. The world had come to an end. So she took a vacation to Italia to think about her life and what exactly did she do wrong previously.

And here it comes our hero Ren Gage. The world’s worst villain, he raped women, killed innocent people, well at least in the films he starred at. So what happened when this actor, with all his disorganized behaviors, saw a perfectionist woman, who even rearrange the napkin, salt & pepper bottles on the resto’s table? The actor thought that was so hot. Uhhuh.

They got a one night stand where she thought he’s a gigolo. This one was hilarious. Better than when Richard Gere’s assumed as a homeless man :))

But uh oh, life’s really trying to mess up with her life. She met this gigolo again as her landlord. Whaat? She’s so pissed off because Ren ‘cheated’ her a big time. Heh, what did you think how Ren felt, sweet doctor?

Usually I don’t care with a book’s title. I see the cover, the synopsis, and decide whether I want to read it or not. But I couldn’t help to notice this one. Breathing Room. I like it a lot. Because the story gave a lot of lessons in life. It told you to breathe but also to live. Breathing Room comes up as a mild, funny romance yet still carries a powerful meaning, even from the sub-story.

The change in Isabel from being an ice-cold woman to a warm and (not so) careless person was believable. It didn’t come too abrupt and you could walk with her along the way. And it’s incredibly good. She’s still a bossy little woman tho.

Ren himself didn’t come without a baggage. He’s tired to act as a villain in films and started trying to fed up emotionally. Luckily, he had the best doctor to fix him.

Their ‘relationship’ was great until, I so hate this part, he decided to run away from their relationship by throwing a party and did (ugh!) some unforgivable things in my mind. He used another woman, kiss her, groped her, sexually dance with her in front of Isabel to make her went away. I really wanted to wash his mouth with acid. I’m so mean. But hey, it’s disgusting if you did that only to hurt your spouse. I can’t tell too many times that I hate something like that. So yeah, from a 5 stars it dropped down to 2 stars. A pretty big score, huh.

I’ll still praise SEP for writing a great life-learning book in a funny way, but in the end I dislike it a lot (yes, because of that reason above). After that, I didn’t really care what happened. Their reconciliation seemed only okay then. But because I’m a cheap and easy, the epilogue still hooked me up and I shamelessly put the stars up to 3.5 stars.

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