Divergent – The Movie & The Annoying Novels

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This is a movie I had been waiting a long time to watch but couldn’t find the time. So after a week of hectic schedule, I got sick. This I-am-sick-I-can-barely-up period, I used it to watch Divergent and read all the novels of the series all day long on my bed. I didn’t know if I should be happy I was sick or not. Uhm..maybe still not, I was so miserable.

Anyway, I’ll talk about the movie first since I watch it first before read the book.

Okay, apparently this draft had been saved a long time in my files and now I almost forgot most of the story. So, I’ll only say what I’d been thinking when I watched and read it. (I know, it’s a lame post)

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I felt a lil bit bored when the movie started. The one who started to piqued my interest was him and considering the time he appeared..yep, the boring start was pretty long. Anw, I remembered his face but couldn’t be sure when and where I’d seen him so it took most of my time watching it only to try recalling his face from somewhere.

(I guess he starred in A Good Day to Die Hard, am I right?? I’m still not sure and too lazy to google it. )

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After some boring scenes, there’s another one scene that’s pretty memorable for me. Yep, the scene when Tris and Four kissing. I thought it’s done pretty well, it’s not too much (sorry, I mean too lovey-dovey), it’s quiet but meaningful although I lost it a lil bit when Four talked a so-not-romantic-thingy and suddenly he grabbed her…uhm…oh well, forget it, I’m babbling.

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This look tho ♥.♥

Now, about the novels. I’ll make it veeeery short.


This is gonna be very subjective.

First book: Brave-but-weak heroine and bad-ass hero? Great.

Second book: Nu-uh. Boring.

Then the last book of Divergent series was dead a horrible death when Tris, the heroine, was dead. Figure. Where’s my happy ending?? Ugh. Needless to say, when you did that, I’ll hate you for life.

4 days since I’m done reading this and I’m still haunted by Tris’ unnecessary-meaningless death and Four’s transformation from a tough, bad-ass hero to a desperate, weak little boy. I so darn HATE the ending!!

Here’s a newsflash: now I love Twilight series more than this. And that says a lot.

You can gain an I-will-avoid-you-for-the-rest-of-my-life-fan if you write a book where you kill your heroine.

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