Black Heart by R. L. Mathewson

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I spent my two days off to re-read books by RL Mathewson. I’d found this one in my files long time ago, apparently I’d missed Sudden Response and this one before so I decided to read it when I had more free time. Finally I could read it yesterday.

Since lately I’d been so busy, I only had time to read a few short books that only took 2 hours of my time so I forgot how exciting it was to read a long story until I forgot the time, eating, well basically everything πŸ™‚ in more than 5 hours. *sigh*

Tristan was not your normal hero because he could see ghosts and he had a ghost-guardian named Shayne. Since it’s still RL Mathewson’s so it’s not a complicated story. It still made me laugh so hard when I read about Tristan and Marty childish’ and antique behavior They fought along the way with Tristan did his most jerk moves to make her hate him. He loved her so much that he knew that she deserved better than a weird (hot) guy like him. Who want to be haunted all the time anyway?

I really love Tristan, he’s hot, (well, as hot as a cold heartless jerk like him could be), tough, but so kind and loving. I love him most when I knew he’s a virgin (at 29!) because he wanted only Marty. Ain’t that sweet? But when they’re finally together, oh man… *fanning*

Marty was a girl-next door type. She’s nice, average, but she could make the toughest man (even ghost) crying. lol. I adored her! She’s lovable yet so strong I was glad Tristan met her. They both deserved each other and since both had waited, what’s more perfect than they finally be together?

Sadly, they’re cursed and it really broke my heart. They had to find a way to be together and saved another life. I won’t give any more spoiler since it’s kinda important not to be revealed too early. I only can say that I enjoyed it so much. I loved their silly banters, their connection, the relationship among the brothers, I just loved it! You can feel that they’re RL Mathewson’s adorable characters. I have some things to say about the writing style, tho.

Black Heart is the first book of the upcoming new series from RL Mathewson. Apparently, this is also the first story she wrote long time ago. I’m glad your condition’s much better now and can give us readers such amazing books!

But as I read her introduction, I know that the only original things from this book are the characters, the plot and the prologue because she did re-write everything as the original one was awful.

Unfortunately, much to her disadvantage, I’ve just had her other books in marathon-reading, and I still find that this writing is still pretty bad compared with her other books. Well, I can accept it if it was the original writing but it’s not, so I expected better.

The plot is original and I really love it – can I hope someone make it into a movie? πŸ˜‰ -, the thing is her writing style felt different and weird. The most thing that bothered me was the author using he/she too freely. I mean, I got confused many times when I read it, because I couldn’t figure it out who’s she/he the author meant at those scenes. It’d be okay if she only made Tristan/Marty’s POV. But no, she had to write everyone’s POV and jumpy with the scenes. It was exhausting.
Maybe it’s my English, but since I read her other books fine, I think this one should’ve been polished more. I even felt that some scenes were rather unfinished.

I also felt a lil bit betrayed because early on she said this one didn’t have a cliffhanger ending. But for me, it did. Still, I feel excited to read about Shayne. His story seemed interesting *giddy*

I was ready to give it 6 stars but it’s kinda exhausting on the last parts so it lost 1 star. Still a worth 5 stars tho!
Maybe it’s just me so I still recommend this so much to all of you, especially RL Mathewson’s fans.

May you fall in love with Tristan! ;))

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