A Husband’s Regret by Natasha Anders

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One thing I adored from this book was Kayla. She’s a sweety and adorable.
I kept grinning every time she threw tantrums with her adorable ‘I no like’ things.

Okay, about her parents, i think this’ll pretty summed it up.
I like Bryce, I hate Bronwyn.
The story mainly concerned on Bryce’s reaction the first time he heard Bronwyn’s pregnant. All those pages focused on this one.

I didn’t know why she just accepted his rage at first time, he said ‘go’ and she simply ‘ran’. what an obedient little girl. i didn’t noticed she asked damn why, what the reason and demand an answer. But really, if she did, then he wouldn’t have the accident and we wouldn’t have this story.

But still after they met again, she’s still an obedient little girl every time the main conflict came up she’s just curious, saw that he closed up, dismissed it, and went like ‘oh, he’s closed up, I won’t bother to speak then’. She really, really ticked me, she’s an irritating, and frustrating girl . I didn’t think she’s woman enough to face a marriage’s problems. In the end she finally promised to protect his heart, I’m just go ‘huh’. Well, you didn’t practically put an effort the first time around, why should I trust her?

I honestly knew the reason what he saw in her, well romantically speaking of course, that opposite attracts each other. But I really think that for a tortured hero like Bryce, he’d need a gentle but strong woman, not a teeny-weeny-little-naive girl.

I wanted to yell at her throughout the story, ‘come on!’ ‘just grow up woman!’ ‘just ask!’ always came in my mind repeatedly. So after I kept circling about a story of a woman’s insecurity, finally she asked. I never think that I have to wait so many chapters just to see a woman – sorry, a grown-up girl (she’s finally improved) – ask . Fiuh.

I also didn’t like she had a date with her professor. It’s not ethically right (contrast to her saying) if you’re still married, a mere status or not. I didn’t like the fact that Bryce did all the grovelling, at least he had reason to act like a jerk. He’s such a tortured hero who only wanted to protect people he loved. My heart really went to him. Meanwhile she didn’t have reason to not fighting for her marriage enough, so she’d have to grovel a little bit too. Bryce’s a sweet tortured hero, a lovable one and he deserved a better heroine. A strong woman would know to fight for something precious, and even if she ran after losing a fight, she’d at least know how to take care of herself in real world (not make she and her baby almost to death because of depression and the lack of body’s nutrition). But hey, that’s me thinking.

It got boring after a while because it seemed just circle around the conflict and repetitive in a way. I expected a better book than The Unwanted Wife. This book’s still good but not a better one, so sadly, I’m just able giving it 3.5 stars. I also noticed I mostly complained about Bronwyn. Well, what to say, she’s just so infuriating I couldn’t enjoy the story enough. He got mad, she stepped back. He closed up, she steeped back. He smiled, she stepped back. He grovelled, she stepped back. I didn’t recall she did much other than that. Fortunately, and finally, she stood her ground in the last pages .

Well, now I noticed I used ‘finally’ many times too. Uh, I guess the words speak for itself.

Kayla’s adorable, the epilogue’s great. Those’re the only things I loved from this book.

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