The Earl’s Dilemma by Emily May

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First thing first, I think the cover is ugly. I doubted it at first but then I started reading..I shouldn’t have judged a book by its cover..

James, the new Earl, was used to be a younger son with no title, no fortune, none at all. The only thing he had was recklessness. So like common second son did in that time, he had fun, slept with opera singer, fought a duel over boots, until finally his dad bought him a uniform.

Meet Kate Honeycourt, the ultimate spinster, she’s 27 yo and practically on the shelf. And she knew she’s destined to be a spinster forever because she loved James since, like forever and she also knew James would never love her. I know, her self-esteem is impressive.

Moreover, she heard James and her brother, Harry, talking about her. James’s back from war because his dad and brother were dead, his father’s will’s clearly affirmed that he must had son before his thirtieth birthday. Getting desperate, he thought of Kate, his best friend’s sister, whom he could tolerate to live with. He wanted to offer for her and uttered some bullshits like ‘any woman is the same in the dark’, ‘of course I don’t love her’, and ‘ there’re gentlemen who offered for her before? (in disbelief)’. Yeah yeah, he’s so full of himself.

After overheard something like that, was Kate mad? Upset? Weeelll, since she loved him, of course nooottt..guess what? She’s sad and broken-hearted, ladies and gentleman. Oohh, poor Katey. I snorted at this one. And I snorted louder when she, instead of kicking his ass (like any normal woman would do, or maybe it’s just me), she decided to help him find a wife. Geez.. It’s different if she helped him because she didn’t want to get married, but no, she helped him because she believed James deserved someone better than her! Please, someone slap her with more self-respect. I couldn’t blame her thoroughly tho, her circumstance certainly didn’t improve her confidence with her Annoying Aunt.

But, that’s what made this interesting. You find an arrogant hero who slowly but steady learning heroine’s beautiful qualities, with all her freckles and gawky (ups, no, let’s use elegant) appearance and falling in love with her. I know I know, sounds cliche, but I do really believe that someone out there will see you and make you feel like the most beautiful person in the world, right? lol.

Also, it’s kinda amusing to see the way James slowly noticed her details while he had to struggle with finding a reason why he rejected all the candidates she threw into him after compared all of them with Kate. After he realized his feeling, he still had to make Kate believe it since, well, Kate overheard him that time. I totally like this part *evil grin*

I adored James and Kate’s story, tho sometimes I wanted to hit her with a knit. On a positive note, Kate was a strong woman who could stand her ground. I have to admit that a little resistance from her was what makes the story’s not boring (Nice change after reading vulnerable heroines after some time). Still hate her reason for doing that tho.

This book certainly kept me entertained the whole story. I even read every words. Yeah yeah, now you know my secret, my mind tend to wander and I start to skip pages if the scenes bore me. But I guess I’m not the only one, …right? But if you read my reviews, you also know that I like my hero suffer before so you know why it’s entertaining lol, for that, this book deserves a 5 star from me.

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