A Question of Pride by Michelle Reid

I was hesitated to read this at first but when I knew that the heroine was a bit of shrew, this piqued my interest. Yep, like I confessed many times, I’m a sadist who loved my alpha hero whimpered. It turned out like what I expected at some parts.

Clea and Max had a double relationship, one was boss-secretary and the other was man-his mistress. I had to say Clea posed as a perfect mistress. In the bedroom she seduced him like a hot seductress but in the boardroom she was a perfect cool secretary. After months into an affair, Clea found out that she’s pregnant because she hadn’t taken her pills regularly. She took it as her responsibility and tried to back off gradually from their relationship.

Well, unfortunately, she didn’t know that she’s fallen behind a step from Max. Max already had Dianne standing for a replacement. You see, he had the intention but not quite able to do it (bless you) and well of course, he didn’t, Dianne cancelled it. So do I pity him? Nope. I was a bit confused, did he date four other women or not? If I read it right, it’s a yes. So I don’t care if he didn’t touch the other women or not, you had the intention to wander away when you’re in relationship, I’d called it cheating in this case. Sorry. You wanted to run scared from your intense feeling? Okay, dated some women then, but only after you broke up with your current mistress. It seemed Max wanted to test his feeling but he still wanted to have a spare if it didn’t work. How convenient. Anyway, this wasn’t my main concern…well, partly yes.

Before I read this book I was ready to feel pity for the hero. As it happened, at some parts it indeed had a bitchy heroine, but a pitiful hero? Nope. Nada. Like I explained, Max was a jerk him self. He dated other women, he lost control, accused her and almost hit her. Didn’t believe it either he wouldn’t have done it. Bet if she didn’t conveniently fainted he’d already lost control with his hand. Tsk.

Clea was, yes, a shrew. A bitchy shrew. Some time I believed her indeed a cold woman. She blow hot and cold and threw tantrums. Damn you hormones. She loved him so much but afraid to trap him in loveless marriage. She became bitter and lashed out at every chance she got. At this time, Max had tried a little bit to be a caring man. He took her dinner and cared for her. While Clea still fed up with her own complicated feeling and threat him cold. She’s still on her decision to not marrying him. Instead, she made a proposition to move in with him and became his lover.

The thing is, because I didn’t like Max first, so it’s easier to justice her bitchy behavior. He deserved it all right. Both characters had flaws so I’d say it’s an equal relationship.

Anyhoo, Max grovelled quite enough and Clea finally confessed that she wouldn’t marry him because she just loved him too much to trap him. Then they had HEA. Frankly, I think their love was unbelievable.

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