The Fallen Greek Bride by Jane Porter

Drakon and Morgan had been married for six months until Morgan left him. It was five years ago. Now Morgan had to go back to Drakon to ask for help because her father had taken hostage by some pirates. (Pirates!)

Drakon’s a shipping tycoon who fell hopelessly in love with Morgan the first time he saw her. He’s a hard and closed man. Well, he did embrace his love for her and not even deny it. He showed his love to her. Unfortunately, he had a, uhm, expressive way to show it (and I do mean expressive, like the author told the story to us, for a HQ Present anyway. I almost thought I read a contemporary).

It’s always physical with him, because his mother had taught him to not feel, not speak, just present. So, between Drakon and Morgan, it’s always lots of sex, lots of orgasms, aaaand few included talking. It’s really amusing.

Then later we knew, their marriage didn’t work because of exactly that reason. Too much orgasms without the talking until Morgan had a nervous breakdown. Really, really amusing. Now, I feel that their marriage didn’t work not only because of that, partly because Morgan was too young and clingy at the time.

She left him, she felt crazy and actually live in the mental hospital for some time. Meanwhile, he lived in uncaring world. He gave her father a billion, almost made him go to bankruptcy, trying to win her back. Their love was destructive, I must say. It’s bordering to unhealthy.

But you’ll love to have a husband like Drakon. No matter that she left him, he still helped her, because she was his responsibility and still his wife. Anyway, they had their talking and found out their own portion of fault in their marriage.

Now, all this talking, plus the problem with her father, were bit boring and dragging. You must admit that a hateful hero is more exciting (although we’ll secretly want him being like this Drakon, tsk, i know, women). The epilogue also felt weird and too abrupt for me.

Oh, and in this book, surprisingly I liked the OW, Bronwyn, more than Morgan. This is a first time for me. Really, you’d sympathized with her too. She’s a strong and capable woman. She even took over his company when he’s broken and made everything’s alright. Then, he fired her because he didn’t like her honesty toward Morgan. Even though, all I read was only a good woman who fell in love with the wrong man, and trying to help him to not destroy his self because of a weak woman (Yes, I mean Morgan).

Yes, Bronwyn’s a little careless with her attitude, but even five years before she’s even polite to Morgan. And who wouldn’t be bitter if she saw someone she love destroyed his self? (Like I said, Morgan and Drakon’s love was really unhealthy. It’s beyond some things like besotted and desperation). So at least he should fired her with a little bit understanding.

I’m skipping some scenes through the second half of the book, but I still think this book is worth trying. Well, read at your own risk! 🙂

(I almost type Dragon every time I mention the hero lol)

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