House of Glass by Michelle Reid

MR never cease to amaze me. Although this book is not one of her best, it’s clearly show that she has a way with words and passionate story.

This passionate story is about Dane and Lily. A man and his brother’s wife. Intriguing, right?
Lily and Dane met at first when Lily’s already Daniel’s fiancee. At first, cynical as he was, Dane stamped her as a gold-digging whore, but also he wanted her fiercely.

He was so fed up with bitterness he made a mess with his brother and stayed away from them the two years after. He hated her and would do anything for her, confusing I know. That’s why our hero hated her more and more, I think that’s because of jealousy even though he didn’t realize it at the time.
He simply hated her because she didn’t choose him with the attraction between them.

What I find exaggerating was her effort about Daniel-Mark’s case. I mean, should you try that hard to conceal their secret? Because it seemed one of them was dead and one’s wanted it open from the beginning anyway. No matter when you opened it, the result would be the same, right? Dane’s a big boy who could endure it.

What I didn’t like was Dane too bitter that he’s almost like a ridiculous 5 yo child who destroy all toys because he couldn’t have one toy he wanted.

What I like was Lily made him work (or should I say, beg) for their relationship (her coming home), unconsciously of course. I love his ‘love letter’ (by fax! really). I like the way he couldn’t help but stand and supported her even tho he believed she’s a cheater and something else bad. He’s mad, went into rage and I see a man who believed the worst but also scared to believe it about a woman he insanely loved. I felt his fear when she’e eventually come home but still found a need to watch her while she’s sleeping so she wouldn’t go away again. That’s pretty sweet.

‘I am insanely in love with you, you know,’ Dane huskily confessed as he held her locked beneath him.
‘I know.’ Lily kissed him softly on the lips.
But Dane jerked away. ‘You know?’ he repeated. ‘But how could you know when I haven’t so much as hinted at the word love before?’ He looked so disappointed at her perception of him that Lily had to hide a smile.

I found that part pretty endearing. Now he finally had his toy he loved all those time. Sweet passionate story!

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