Wrong Man, Right Kiss by Red Garnier

One of Harlequin themes I like is childhood friends become lovers. That’s the reason I read this book. Now I’ll give you 2 different ways to tell the story.

1. Childhood friend. Hero’s playboy, Heroine’s virgin. Hero didn’t realize he loved heroine so he slept around. Finally he realized and the playboy became a besotted lover.This is romantic.

2. Childhood friend. Hero’s playboy, Heroine’s virgin. Hero knew all along that he loved heroine, had plan for them together, WHILE he slept around. This is NOT romantic.

Okay, if you say, it’s a long long time (20 years in fact) so I’d understood the reason H slept around (although the story’s pretty confusing, there’s some part that said he knew she’d always be out of reach, but some part it said he knew he’d have her). What I couldn’t understand was Hero still slept with the blonde, AFTER their fateful first-kiss-night. Humph.

At this point I was ready to smack his head. Really? You loved her so much but you couldn’t keep your zip closed?? I’d think that if you loved someone so much you’d be able to restrain yourself. It’s not likely you’d be dead if you’re a virgin at 26. Never heard about masturbate, I guess.

Anyho, this book is good. The story was intense and I like the hero’s jealousy. The heroine’s a successful artist, she’s independent, strong, and great. I loved her. What ruined the story for me was the blonde at the beginning. It kept reeling in my mind so I couldn’t enjoy it as I wanted to be. The story was SOO good.

So you know now the reason I’m so frustrated and pissed off. I want to love this book but I can’t help to hate it either. UGH! Hence the 4 stars.

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