Because of Miss Bridgerton by Julia Quinn

It’s been a long time since I got a hold on Julia Quinn’s books. I still remembered how I procrastinated a lot in college just to finish one of Bridgerton’s series. Lol.

This book is definitely another delight and I felt a flashback reading it. I seldom read lately and when I do read I just want to focus greatly on the feelings it gives instead of noticing the details nowadays. Unless the details are over the top, lol. That’s why I was glad I chose this book as it’s exactly what I need.

The heroine, Billie (I just love her name), is a typical Bridgerton obviously. Bright, intelligent, and warm. And George is just the right one for her. George is what you can call a stiff boring one, lol, but that exactly what makes them a wonderful pair. Because when he’s with Billie, he relaxes a lot.

Enemy to lovers is my favourite trope, it’s just exciting seeing them going from bickering to each other a lot to actually finding that they’re made for and understand each other.

I’d like to watch them “hate” each other more though, since I felt they jump to it rather quickly and so sudden. I would also say that the hate part are actually bit milder than what I had hoped for. Alas, JQ never fails to deliver a nice romance for your evening break. The siblings’ chemistry is also funny to read. I had to remind myself twice Andrew was not a Bridgerton.

This one is certainly a sweet, good humored read that leaves you a warm fuzzy feeling afterwards. Somehow I can’t wait for Georgianna’s story. Although considering her age, I might have to wait a bit longer. Lol.

“I’m home,” he said against her skin, and she realized it was the truth.
“I’m home, too.”

2 thoughts on “Because of Miss Bridgerton by Julia Quinn

  1. This sounds very good! Added to my huge TBR list, but because I have always loved everything Bridgerton like you, it will be very close to the top. Thanks for the follow and stay in touch!

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