The Contract by Melanie Moreland

The second I read the last word of this story I can’t wait to say something. Yet I’m still speechless and all I can do is sighing happily.

It was annoying. It was a weird road. It was intense. It was warm. It was awesome.

I gotta be honest that when I started this I didn’t have much expectation. Somehow the cover didn’t go well with me. And the first chapters had looked and felt like a cheap short romance, not a solid one. Lol. I was glad I had been wrong and decided to keep reading.

Richard was…a strong…character. Scratch that. He was an asshole, a jerk and all the bad combined. If he was my boss I would kill him on the spot. The first minutes I was wondering to myself why I do bother to continue reading this. I’ve read this type of trope, rude boss and PA, countless times but this is the first time I felt the hero is too over the top. I was doubtful how he would pay for it. But the thought of this jerky boss brought to his knees by his ‘meeky rat’ PA was keeping me going. Such a nice revenge for me. *sigh happily* He went from hateful to adorable.

I disliked him at first but along the journey I found out he has some redeemable qualities after all. I love the bond he created with Penny and Gavin family. It’s really touching how he, who never felt love ever since he was born, finally is able to make connection and receive love he deserve from many people around him, not just from Katy.

Katy came out as a meek for me too actually, lol. I was afraid she was the kind of doormat heroine I hate. It was a relief she’s stronger than I had thought. She’s quirky and ready to handle anything her rude boss threw at her. And that’s to protect someone she loves. Can’t get more stronger than that, really.

What I like about it most is that the story felt real. Even for the fact that Richard loved Katy didn’t immediately make him fond of having children. He still wanted to talk about considering it despite the fact that he’s a hero character in romance novel, I beg your pardon lol. But that’s exactly it. It’s a real process, not a fairy tale. Obviously we got the happy ending and all that perfect closing, it’s still a romance novel after all, but it feels normal with the path they’re going.

What I don’t like tho, and I guess it’s more on the writing style of the author, she’s a new one for me. I felt like the closing was sooo long. The climax was already end well and nice but it still got dragged a lot. Don’t get me wrong, I looove epilogue. But it kinda felt weird, especially since the author made it sound like it’s finally end when, whoops, another chapter came up. I was like, “Oohhh. Wait there’s more? Awww. What, again? Finally!” I lost count how many times my sighs were cut out half way lol.

All in all, it was a great read. I finished it right away within hours. This is rare for me nowadays. Really recommended if you want to read an intense yet wonderful love story, the kind that make you want that someone special for yourself *sigh* You might as well want a family too :))

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