Netflix & The Couch Potato

What does a couch potato do?

Obviously wasting so much time binge watching Netflix series.



One of my most recent favorites. This is a story about modern version of Sherlock Holmes. I was hooked the second I read Sherlock Holmes part. Who doesn’t love him with his quirk, sarcasm and Mr. massive-know-it-all attitude, really? That one is his word, by the way.

Sherlock Holmes is a recovering drug addict from London and got to rehab in New York. After he’s out, enter Dr. Joan Watson who becomes his sober companion to make sure he won’t relapse. Together they kinda form an alliance to solve mystery cases with the police.

It’s actually funny to see a female version of Dr. Watson. I really like the interactions between Sherlock and Dr. Joan Watson. The interactions between Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson are always funny, if not hilarious, but this time feels a bit different. Not sure if it’s because this Watson is female, lol, but it feels funnier and more meaningful. I mean, bromance is mainstream now, right. Sherlock Holmes has to play detective with his female friend now, yay. He comes out too adorable this time.

It’s always a different case each episode, for most of them are murder, but what I like is the twist part. And Sherlock is always good with twists.



Well, by now people would say that I have a type. Dr. House is a journey of Gregory, sorry, doctor House facing off lot of mysterious diseases by his unorthodox method and way of thinking. In short, he’s the kind of doctor whom you want to treat you in your deathbed. Or maybe not, for real. He’s rude, arrogant, and once again a mr. know-it-all but also another genius in his expertise.

Just like Elementary, this series serve a different case each episode. I’m not big in medical world and to be honest, I don’t understand what they’re talking 98,999% of the time but it’s still thrilling to watch. Although sometimes it feels monotone with a “sick patient comes in, he/she collapse or almost die, and our genius Dr. House saves him/her” plot, I watch this series because it gives meaningful story for each patients and it’s always enjoyable to watch especially when there’s a twist in the end.

There’s not much on his personal story tho, sometimes I get curious about what he’s like before the accident since it seems like it was a big accident that changes his life. But all I know for now (I haven’t finished it after all), he becomes ruder and assholer because of his pain in the ass thigh.



Another series I’m trying to follow. Honestly time travel has been a mainstream trope in TV and movies lately I wasn’t interested to start this. But I decided to give it a try and it wasn’t that bad. It actually has a nice fast pace that easy to follow.

In the year of 2077, the world is ruled under big rich companies, not a government. The power come mainly from a big tech company called SadTech which is founded by Alec Sadler, a genius tech mogul.

Detective Kiera Cameron, who works under SadTech, comes from 2077 to 2012 involuntarily when a group of terrorists (called Liber8) set up a travel jump in the prison on the day of their execution. What they did wrong is they’re supposed to jump to 2071, 6 years earlier, but instead they jump back 65 years and this brings Kiera to meeting the young Alec Sadler. The young Alec and Kiera then will work together to save the world from the Liber8 terrors.

I can say that what I like the most is the technologies, lol. But so far this series is still caught in my radar.

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