Trapped at the Altar by Jane Feather

So, I have to be honest, right? This one is NOT my cuppa for romance. It’s a DNF for me. Trapped at the Altar is def not my idea for romance. Well, yes, it’s romance, but between the wrong couple.

The author may want to reconsider who the real hero is.

Ariadne and Ivor’s family had an agreement since they’re babies that eventually they’d marry each other. Unfortunately, Ariadne fell in love with Gabriel, the OtherMan (I’d say the hero, beg your pardon).

Now, I don’t have a problem if the heroine’s not a virgin even tho it’s a historical romance which is identical with virgin heroines. She obviously loved this Gabriel so much and that’s exactly what bothered me because for me, the hero Ivor was the third wheel. Yes, the hero is the real OtherMan. In my eyes, he’s the one that ruined their relationship and being selfish about it. That’s confusing.

However, since the hero I got was Ivor, not Gabriel, I would have to make do and face another issue.

The author apparently decided a quite passionate POV from Gabriel aka the OtherMan was a good idea. The problem is this made me had to remind my self numerous times that he’s NOT the hero of this story. Another problem was, once I remembered Gabriel wasn’t the hero, I came into a description like this,

She could still feel his presence upon her, imprinted on her skin; her body still retained the memory of him, the hard length of him inside her.

Once you make a description like that about the OtherMan, you lost me.
Anyway, I dislike the heroine after all. She took her liberty too much. Additionally Ivor wasn’t really my alpha hero. One of weird scenes was Ivor who had let Ariadne met Gabriel and mind you, he was originally okay with it by the description. Then, FEW hours later, suddenly this was a big concern for him. He even felt jealous after the rendezvous between Ariadne and Gabriel had been going for hours. Buddy, you’re so late and fake.

Overall, this book is weird and not so believable for me. I think my forehead has wrinkles so much by now. The short beginning ruined the rest for me. Couldn’t get that off my mind so I stopped reading even before I reach half of it.

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