The Sarantos Baby Bargain by Olivia Gates


Second installment of Sarantos Brothers series by Olivia Gates but can be a standalone story.

Andreas was a tough guy who had killed people, being a gang member, well, all those stuffs. Some will be put off by this, but for me he’s not a bad guy. The reason I liked him was he’s just so..simple.

Even after what he went through, he didn’t become a bitter man. He only did what he thought was his responsibility and that’s it. No feeling sorry for himself, no pouting, no ‘I’m not worthy, blabla’ bullshit and no running scared from love. He only did divorce the heroine to protect her the first time and once the threat’s gone he’s ready to embrace his family and his wife. He kept moving on with his life no matter what ugly experiences had been thrown into his path. I think this attitude is a rare quality nowadays and hard to apply in reality, of course. Lol.

About Naomi tho, she failed to make me cared for her. I didn’t really feel her said-love. She’s too emotional yet vulnerable. Not a good combination and certainly not my favorite traits in my heroines.

It’s still a good romance, simple yet moving. Absolutely worth reading, even if only for Olivia Gates and the hero. I loved him ♥


He lived in celibate for four years because for him, once he met Naomi, it’s her or nothing.

Boy, do we need more people like him.

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