Moms & the Dragon

I don’t know why I put up that title. Lol. I kind of like how it sounds tho, oh well.

This month is a movie month for me as I got to watch many movies and TV series lately. I can confidently say I use my free time effectively.

I also noticed that my movies choice are getting more…homey.

PETE is a boy who gets lost in the wood after his family got into a car accident and he’s miraculously alive…somehow. Then, he meets a fluffy green dragon and names him Elliot. The movie is telling the story about how Pete tries to save ELLIOT after the town’s people found out about them.

I say, as a common audience, the visual is pretty decent. It’s not awesome and the kind that makes you whoa, but still smooth to watch. The story itself is more like Tarzan actually in my opinion. Replace the apes with a dragon and Voila, you get the recipe. Kinda unoriginal so it’s quite boring for me. I needed to skip some parts (okay, most of parts) just to finish it. But overall, it’s…well, uhm, decent?

On the opposite, HALLIE and ANNIE in The Parent Trap managed to hold my attention with their cuteness and ridiculous pranks. I guess it’s pretty late for me to stumble into this ’98 Disney movie gem since this movie was quite popular and managed to bring Lindsay Lohan to a great popularity.

The naughty twin meets each other accidentally without knowing another exists. They then team up with a plan to bring their parents, who each live in the other side of their world (very convenient for divorce I say), together again. The movie is pretty light to enjoy and just what I needed for an evening break.


Onto the highlight of my movies time, BAD MOMS proved to be a more of match for my kind of movies…nowadays. I guess I’m getting old. Sigh. Even tho I’m not a mom yet, I could feel the main character. How they feel they’re getting older and older, clueless about the younger generations but always struggling to keep up. Now add that with 2 kids to take care of. Someone just has to accept that she has a limit too I guess.

I think this movie has a good lesson for young moms. They are allowed to make mistakes too, they’re still humans after all, and it’s acceptable. What’s important is their effort to do their very best to take care of their loved ones. And that’s the true power of moms.

On a serious note, moms are just unbeatable. Even tho they’re technically only humans, who can really say that moms don’t have superpower? I seem not able to find my stuff in an obvious place without my mom finds it for me. I’m still confused by their magic.

How exciting is it to show off your superpower to your kids? Just give me babies already, dammit!

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