Love, Lies & Clones by Joynell Schultz


Love, Lies & Clone starts off promising with its own originality, at least on my side as this is the first time I read about a clone’s love story. I really like the plot honestly. There are a few dragged scenes, but overall this has a nice, fast pace that keep you excited along the read.

June is a clone whose life has just getting more complicated when her dad disappeared. Thinking that her dad is in danger, she proceed to looking for him while some unknown people are targeting her too. Things level up when Elliot shows up stalking her (ain’t stalker has its own charm) because he also searches for his brother. He thinks that his missing brother and her disappeared dad case are related somehow. Are they really, tho? And if he’s right, what’s the relation between 2 strangers?

Despite liking the general story, sadly June came off annoying for me. This is pretty subjective, still, I couldn’t help to wonder how old she was. I figure she’s adult enough yet she acted like a teenager. Her lack of maturity is clearly shown throughout the story. Urgh! *stomps foot*

Lucky for her, she got a patient and level-headed Elliot to babysit her. I still wonder what the hero saw from her, but putting his bad taste in women aside, Elliot was the kind of person you want to be your go-to guy. He’s certainly reliable and strong enough to be your bodyguard especially when you got into a big trouble against a crazy enemy (it has a nice twist btw, but I won’t give spoiler).

Overall, it was a great read. (And I so love the cover!) If you can look pass the heroine, this book is definitely worth to read in a break. Although gotta be honest, it’s not as heavy as a suspense should be. It’s good for me tho, as I was in the mood for something like this. The mysterious case can keep you turning pages but it’s also pretty light you don’t need to think hard.

I chose to focus more on the story itself. I decided not to worrying about some technical errors as it comes to my understanding that this is a pre-released book.

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