Insufferable Proximity by Z Stefani


CAUTION: By reading the title, you would have realized by now that the author isn’t that good in grammar. If you can’t look pass repetitive mistakes over then or than, to or too and numerous other simple mistakes, this book is NOT for you. Since I’m not perfect in English either, who am I to judge. Although well, mistakes over simple use of “then than too to” are insufferable I guess. But I def made it until the end, yay!

In all honesty, I was in the mood for something chick and steamy with love/hate relationship. This book certainly has what I needed. In the end, I hate this book as much as I love it. I don’t know where to start, the reason I hate it or the reason I love it.

Insufferable Proximity is all you need when you want a hot-blooded couple who can’t stop hating each other as much as loving lusting each other. Damn I started off hating both and ended up rooting for them. I’m such a cheap.

Maybe I should start from the start then. The moment I hated Heaven and Julian to my gut.

  • Forced first meeting scene. The hero barely just said one completely harmless sentence and our oh so sensitive heroine got bat crazy hating him. Just like that their feud had begun. I mean, what?

I would have thought it’s natural for her to hate men considering her past, but I saw that she’s fine with the hero’s father. So I gotta say she behaved like a childish bitch.

  • The hero literally just spent 3 days screwing another woman before he met the heroine and got turned on by smooching her hand. Ew.

For the first time I actually encountered a literally manwhore whoremonger (Heavens word) hero. So he had just spent a loong night with a woman (who knows what they’re doing, right) then the next morning he bumped into another woman who, surprise! happened to be his old fling but with new curves. 30 mins later, he fucked her in a bathroom stall. Weeeeelll. What an active sexual life.

Before this, playboy heroes that I read about usually still have a decency to fuck one woman at a time, even when it’s a casual fling. This particular hero tho doesn’t care about anything as long as he still has a penis and a vagina, who cares if it’s just a few hours between different women. He even chose bathroom sex despite that he’s late for work. Oh, he also had sex with various women at his family firm in the break room, in the elevator, in the parking lot and heaven knows where else. Talk about being responsible.

“You’re using my sex tape as an opportunity to promote marriage?” Julian raised his brow.
“This can never happen again.” Ayden shook his head, the look of disappointment on his face was making Julian uneasy.
 “It won’t.”
 “You’ve said that more than once.”
 “Honestly, I didn’t mean for it to happen that last time, I was trying to get out of the office, but she was-” he stopped himself, realizing he could not explain to his father that the secretary turned out to be an animalistic-nymphomaniac, who refused to take no for an answer. He had tried with all of his might to resist, but in the end, he had succumbed. “It just wasn’t possible. It won’t happen again.”

Heh. Don’t you just love our sex-addict-with-no-pride hero? Damn, shouldn’t he be at a therapy somewhere? This gotta be psychological.

I haven’t even reached chapter 5 but I already hated the hero. I wish I could stab his penis and balls numerous times. My, I think this book really got me all hot, unfortunately in a wrong way. Additionally, I still haven’t gotten into the real war between the hero and heroine at this point. Unless he actually declared war by fucking heroine’s secretaries. Yes, secretaries. (Update: apparently I was right. He fucked the secretaries just to get back at the heroine. Hm. Kay. Lol.)

Then FINALLY the real hot war started. And I came to term of LOVING them.

Now, I know I said that Heaven was a bitch. But boy, I’m happy she’s a bitch. Julian had to have at least one person to keep him on the ground.

“Better to be a prude than a walking STD slogan.”

I so love my bitchy heroine. (And when all her lover’s old flings gloat off in your face non-stop, she certainly need all the bitchiness she got.)

There’s one scene I normally would hate but couldn’t help to feel amuse in this. Heaven, after working late like usual, accidentally caught Julian fucking a woman on his desk in the office. Lo and behold, Julian caught her up in the act of staring too and boom,

Had he really just ejaculated due to intense hatred?

I almost choked out of laughter. I don’t know why I feel this amusing. It just is.

Heaven was pretty stupid for a hot-shot lawyer by intruding her enemy’s office hoping no one would know. Alas, that’s what brought us an amazing steamy 30 days sex. I just love that they’re both so passionate in just everything. They hated each other so deep their sex were that explosive I could almost taste Heaven’s orgasms.

“And you’re still aware of the fact that I can’t stand you?” 
“Of course I am,” he bent his head to kiss her neck, then the sensitive skin behind her ear, “that’s the icing on the cake and that’s what makes me want to fuck you all the harder. Your hatred is my foreplay.”


This was the moment I forgot everything and enjoyed the hot kinky road. I love reading how they changed from enemies to actual lovers. I def love when Julian got jealous-possessive all over Heaven. First he wanted her to show off her curves, the next he got all hot trying to cover her body so no one else saw it. Ha!  She got you, buddy.

Julian also proved to be a redeemable man after all, what I like is I really could see his transition to be a better man because of Heaven. There’s no drastic change from a cold-hearted manwhore whoremonger to a considerate, passionate lover for one and only Heaven. I guess I can say that I kinda love that he was such a hateful hero at first. It makes his change all the more satisfying to read.

Another thing I like is Heaven’s background. Her family is not perfect but damn hell if it’s not the most supportive and loving family she could have. And I’m not just talking about her mother and aunt. And it’s a bit amusing to see that her mother knows important people from her business. But I guess it’s inevitable when you’re running a high prestige brothel. They got connections for sure. Lol.

Although I gotta be honest, I think the author likes to put all things together in one book and it becomes too much after we got a stalker and of course with a hidden story as well. It came out of nowhere in the last half of the story and still managed to put some drama.

I enjoyed their hot passionate sex road to love but it felt bit dragged and forced in half the end. I was wondering why the author dragged it so much when she could have been wrapped it out nice and good after a while. But no, I was forced to go through a suspense story (I certainly didn’t expect it in this book and I wasn’t in the mood for it). I get it if the author wants to write a romantic-suspense story but I think she failed in balancing things out. It was promising as a romance, but the author got a bit greedy for my taste.

So, after rolling my eyes wanting to just get my happy ending and delicious epilogue in torturing hours while turning pages, I finally get my abrupt happy ending after an abduction scene. I almost cried. How could she do this to me.

I chose to forgive her tho as at least I got my sweet, melt-your-heart scene like this.

“We are getting married first thing in the morning, Princess.” Julian said as he bent down to plant a kiss on her lips.

And let’s not forget the epilogue. DAMN I LOVE IT. I’m definitely a sucker for this kind of epilogue.

In conclusion, reading Heaven and Julian’s story has been a roller coaster of emotions for me. I hate it, I love it, I was cursing it, I was grinning ear to ear. They’re right when they say there’s a really thin line between love and hate. What an amazing read.

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