Dawn in Eclipse Bay by Jayne Ann Krentz

Little bit repetitive in a way. I seemed not able to pass one chapter without getting reminded about Harte-Madison thing. Fortunately it kinda still makes sense so I can let that slide.

It doesn’t deny the fact that this book certainly has its own charm. It’s probably me because it’s been a while since I read a (not so) vintage romance novel from this author, but it still reminds me why I fell in love with romance novels.

I got some sweet moments and laughs I rarely get from modern Harlequins and others nowadays. I particularly love the hero! He is laid back but knows what he wants, he’s certainly not boring. He’s not rude nor mean (unlike modern heroes these days), but still come out as an amazing alpha hero with charm as his ultimate weapon. My, he has my heart. Add an arty heroine who is strong, independent and smart without being bitchy. With that kind of heroine who doesn’t get weak because of some men, I have enough to love this already. So this explains my 5 stars as I get two exciting characters here.

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