The Greek’s Marriage Bargain by Sharon Kendrick

I finally found a book where both the hero and heroine got their chance to grovel to each other and let me say it, It. Was. Awesome.

So the first part was the hero’s. Xenon felt all guilty when he’s unable to cope with his own feeling after heroine had gotten a miscarriage, which was the reason that’s unconsciously drifted them apart in the first place.

As it progressed, our heroine Lexi then left him. After some time, he finally took the risks to get his wife back to where she belonged. He wore his heart on the sleeve all the time while doing it and tried to give their marriage a second chance.

However, Lexi had a secret of her own. So she decided to set him free because she loved him although Xenon confessed that he loved her unconditionally. He loved all of her and would accepted anything she give. But our heroine had made her decision thinking about his happiness.

I love that Xenon did it without any doubt (not even for a second!) regarding Lexi’s condition especially when we know that he wanted family so bad *melting* Okay, this is pretty much obvious anyway. Yes, Lexi couldn’t have a baby.

What I didn’t get:
– Lexi had decided to leave him despite that hero’d declared his love. (Seriously, woman?)
– But then, when she knew that he’d arranged all those blackmail things to get her back, she’s suddenly like ‘Oh God, he really loves me’ and decided to grovel. HELLO? Where the heck have you been?

My heart goes for the hero, he almost didn’t make it when heroine left him the second time and you can really feel his vulnerability and fear to give her a third chance to rip his heart.
But in the end heroine made an effort to redeem herself too and they had a happy ending *sigh*

In a way I would love it if they have a miraculous ending of course. On the other hand, strangely I kinda don’t want a fairytale ending for this one. I think it’s good to know a fairytale version of a childless marriage. You’d end up loving this story with their unconditional love and the sacrifices our hero & heroine made.

A 5 solid stars romance.

…Now excuse me, I need to watch that 5 minutes of UP again.

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