“Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life” & the Slutty Review (Part 1)

CAUTION: So many spoilers and cursing. Slutty words. Oh, and long ramblings.

250px-gilmore_girls_netflix_posterI still remember the time when I was eager to face Sunday afternoon back in my school days. That was my guilty pleasure time to enjoy Gilmore Girls. I was brokenhearted when Rory broke up with Jess and that’s what made me stopped watching the series. Totally removed it from my brain. Yeah, well, a little girl’s broken crush is painful. Cliché, I know.

So I was pretty excited when I heard about a miniseries that Netflix planned to release for their Netflix Original series. I wouldn’t want to miss the chance to see a wonderful relationship between a mother and a daughter in a lovely Stars Hollow again. How I missed them.

Now, I had realized that I was a bit in disadvantages here since I didn’t know what’s the rest of the story after I’d stopped watching. I’m not ashamed to admit that instead of re-watching from the beginning or continuing where I left on, I chose to only read a full of recap of them of each episodes. Don’t judge me. I’m that impatient.

One part that I totally hate after reading them was apparently Rory had become a slut. I can’t find a nicer word for it and probably won’t bother. She. Was. The Other Woman. And to make matters even worse: she knew the fact, still lost her virginity being exactly that, and ruined someone’s marriage. Classy.

…When you found out that your role model when you were a girl became a potential home-wrecker.


Safely to say, I was put off a lot by that fact and started questioning myself: why would I bother to watch the new one then? Also, I had watched the teaser and honestly it didn’t come out as interesting to me.

(I totally love the posters tho. Don’t you too? Just look at them!)

Alas, I threw the caution to the wind in the end. I convinced myself that it’d be still worth it since I was curious how they would have turned out. Nine years is a looong time to not knowing.

Then November 25th came. YAY. (Did you notice how bland my yay?)

Anyway, onto the series. Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life is a miniseries that will cover the life of our Girlmore girls in one full year, after almost a decade gone from our life since season 7. There are 4 long episodes (around 90 mins) which each episode will represent one season.

Here’s the part where you’d want to leave if you haven’t binged the series on Netflix yet. I warned ya.



(May I say that Stars Hollow in winter is so breathtakingly beautiful? I wish I could live there.)

The scene starts with a beautiful sight of winter and snow in Stars Hollow and Rory has just come down visiting Stars Hollow and her mom after a long time.

Rory Gilmore at 32 is now a freelance journalist (a struggling one tho) who’s because of her job has to spend her time split in 3 places, New York, London, and Stars Hollow. She is in a dull relationship with someone named Paul. No need to remember his name since Rory consistently keep forgetting about him, her own boyfriend, or even the fact that she’s in a relationship. Huh, it’s that unimpressive huh? Then why didn’t you break up? Why? WHY.

Because get this, along with forgetting him without a good conscience to let him go, she apparently also secretly sleeps with Logan, her ex, whenever she stays in his place in London. Hm.


I’m not sure how to feel about this. Is this information supposed to make me sympathize with Rory’s broken love life? Or simply to make me hate her slutty ways more?

Lorelai Gilmore, on the other hand, has been a happy and content girlfriend of Luke. They have been living together for the past 9 years and already hit a comfortable yet monotone stage in their relationship phase. Lorelai then tries to convince Luke to have a kid together to “solve the problem”. Wait, isn’t Lorelai 48 yo by now?

Luke naturally gets a bit “scared” over this and doesn’t want to go along with her plan. so now Lorelai is still stuck.

Emily Gilmore is in a grief period. The story timeline takes on 4 months after Richard Gilmore died. It’s a difficult time for her as she and Richard has been together for over than 50 years and now, she’s suddenly alone. She doesn’t only lose a husband but also a great partner. Her relationship with Lorelai also gets to a different level of tense after Lorelai’s drunken act in Richard’s funeral. But at the end of Winter episode, Emily tries to trick Lorelai to get to a therapy together in the hope of mending their relationship.



With the flowers blossoming right now, it’s a wonderful season to enjoy your time in a park, especially when you live in a town as pretty as Stars Hollow. I know, I know, I’m obsessing about Stars Hollow.

Rory’s career as a struggling freelance journalist is now getting worse more than ever. (I say that’s a karma). However, she gets another opportunity after she got an offer in teaching position for her alumni, Chilton. She refused the offer as she doesn’t want to give up her dream of being a journalist, yet.

She still conveniently forgets about Paul and sleeps with Logan. Even more often now. Hm. Kay. Oh, and by the way, a new bit slutty info comes up again. Guess. Surprise! Logan is engaged to a girl named Odette! I’m not even surprised knowing that Rory knows the fact. Once a home-wrecker always be a home-wrecker I guess. Infidelity much.

At this point I’m contemplating to call her Roslut or Slutry. Slutry sounds too good for her. I would have thought they’re in an unfortunate open relationship situation if I didn’t know of the fact that even an open relationship has boundaries about cheating.

At least Logan doesn’t forget about his fianceé. Wait…that still sounds wrong… I’ll say good riddance to this awful couple.

Anyway, in her next journalistic trip, Rory takes Lorelai along with her to New York. Although I won’t call it journalistic trip per se, as all she actually does is having a one night stand with a stranger with a Wookie costume. Classy as always.

At least this time she has a conscience…oh no, hang on, she doesn’t. She gets extremely down after this event, not because she regrets the cheating part, she’s wallowing in a self pity now because she’s a loser in life. Don’t forget a slut, baby.

“I’m just a big fat Wookie-humping loser with no future!” – Rory Gilmore


She also decides to confess to her mom that she’s been sleeping with Logan all this time. Lorelai helpfully points out that Logan is engaged and getting married. Yeah, mom, no need to remind your slutty daughter that, she knows, she just doesn’t care. And please, are we going to completely forget about Paul too? Poor guy.

“Well, if it makes you feel any better, that’s way sluttier than a one night stand.” – Lorelai Gilmore

Ha. 100 points for mom.

Thank God two of the Gilmore girls are still loyal and great women in relationship term albeit their own mother-daughter relationship is in a scramble now. They’re still going to therapies together but seems like it’s hitting a wall. Emily is a bit disappointed in Lorelai because Lorelai isn’t married with Luke after years yet continuing living together as “roommates”.

Lorelai defends her relationship with Luke on the outside, unfortunately she starts having doubt on the inside. Emily also reveals that Richard left a good money for Luke but choose to withhold the fund. At the end of Spring episode, Emily stops attending the therapy. Lorelai chooses to attend alone. And Rory decides to move back to Stars Hollow.

Summer & Fall episode will be reviewed in PART 2

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