“Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life” & the Slutty Review (Part 2)

Winter and Spring episode review in PART 1



Summer is finally coming to town where now all the three of Gilmore girls are staying at.

Rory is still in a transition gap about her career but decides to fill the time by working as the new editor in chief for Stars Hollow’s Gazette newspaper. And as you have probably guessed, still ignoring Paul’s existence in her life.

Strangely she’s actually shocked when she finds out that Odette, Logan’s fiancée, officially moves in with him. And she actually has the gut to feel brokenhearted about it. Sure.

“So that’s it. We’re breaking up.” (Uhm, what?)

“Except we can’t break up because we’re nothing.” (Oh phew, for a second there I thought she’s also a dense slut.)

Baby, you should do the actual break up with someone. His name is Paul, in case you forgot.


The great scene in this episode is thanks to Jess’ appearance in Stars Hollow. Your everyday teenage girls’ crush. The bad part is that Jess seems like still holding a crush for Rory, not knowing that the cute and awkward Rory has gone. He then convinces Rory to write a book about her cool relationship with Lorelai.

However, Lorelai doesn’t take it as a good news. She adamantly refuses about Rory’s plan to write a book about their lives as she values her privacy so much. She clearly doesn’t like that Rory is planning to expose her life in a book for everyone to read.

Poor Lorelai is not in a good place as Rory’s plan is just another oil into the fire. The fire being the complicated mess in her life right at the moment. Our lovely Michel is leaving Dragonfly and her relationship with Luke is full of fights, topped with a huge public argument in Luke’s diner about their unhealthy relationship situation.

All of these make her frustrated and she makes a big decision to go away from everyone for a while. Because she feels it’s time for a change in her life. Because it’s never or now.



And here we are, finally arrive in the best season of all, the Fall.

Lorelai and Emily are making amends with each other as after a rather failed trip she had, she calls Emily to have a heartwarming conversation about Richard. How he was a good dad and how he changed one of the worst days of her life into the most perfect birthday.

Another burden is lifted, she still has to take care of her problem of so called boyfriend. She comes back to Stars Hollow and surprises Luke with a big news. She’s already picked their marriage date. Ha. You go girl. She also gives her blessings to Rory to write the book, which later called Gilmore Girls.

All this while Emily also decides that enough is enough. After her awesome meltdown, so many bullshits by the way, she’s now ready to put her old life behind her.

“It died to me with Richard.” – Emily Gilmore

That’s a heartbreaking statement somehow…so she sells her house, moves and takes a job as a tour guide. Never say she’s not an amazing strong woman. She makes a deal with Lorelai that she will give the money that’s intended for Luke to invest in Dragonfly for an exchange: Lorelai and Luke has to visit her in summer and Christmas. Deja vu all over again.

(I’m tempted to leave out Rory’s part because I see no point in dwelling in her slutty ways now but it seems like her part is the most important part. I’ll just warn you I won’t look like I’m loving it.)

Anyway, so. About Rory. Between Lorelai and Emily who have lived their own life, Rory is doing the same. Just in a less honorable way. Hm. She gets a visit from her old buddies and together they go for a wild night. Rory and Logan apparently spend a oh-so-perfect-night together and she tearfully sends him back home to his fiancée with a last kiss.


Rory also encounters her two old boyfriends (dammit, where’s Paul?), Dean and Jess. Dean is by now a happy family man with many kids I gather. Rory asks him if she can mention him in her book since he’s the person who “taught her what safe feels like”.  Jess is sadly still longing after Rory. Sigh.

Lorelai and Luke’s wedding is getting near and this brings too much pressure for them, so the night before the day, they decide to have a more meaningful vows-exchange in the Stars Hollow gazebo. It honestly feels like a fairy tale ending. Happy sigh.

(May I say again that Stars Hollow is still as beautiful as ever?)

In the morning, Lorelai and Rory share one of their lovely moments in the gazebo, looking at their peaceful hometown while talking about growing old together. Apparently Paul chooses it’s the right time to send a break up text to Rory (finally! Better late than never I suppose).

So Lorelai, after confusedly asking “Who?”, assures her that Rory’ll find someone else, an amazing one if I may add sarcastically. Sure. To get cheated on probably.

And then, the famous four words we’re promised to get is finally here.

“I’m pregnant.”

*shocked Lorelai*

The End.

It all has come to a full circle.

I honestly don’t know what to feel about the ending. I know Gilmore Girls always has this underlying question in the entire series: Will Rory be her own person, or is she fated to reenact all of her mother’s life choices?

Now I got an answer I can’t say I’m satisfied with it. I would love it that Rory becomes a better person. She has a long way to go and has to start questioning her life choices. While I don’t care about her other life choices, infidelity is the only one thing I will not ever let slide. And now she’s pregnant with (presumably) Logan’s baby?


So she clearly is fated to reenact her mother’s life by being pregnant as a single woman because I didn’t see she’s being a successful professional either. But is it the same? I don’t think it’s the same either.

Sure, come to think of it, it kinda makes sense. Jess would be her Luke, while Logan’s her Christopher.

(…Please not Jess. Jess gets back together with Rory will be a disaster now.)

Still tho, Lorelai got pregnant with her one boyfriend at the time and didn’t cheat on anyone. And she was 16. It’s normal to do unwise stuffs. But Rory is 32 and she still makes terrible choices and now it will involve an innocent baby whose existence would probably destroy another relationship in the future. I certainly hope not tho, poor baby. This is just disturbing.

I say the answer is actually Rory being her own person. Yet, instead of following her mom or her grandmother’s good example, she decides to be the worst version ever of Gilmore girls. I could only hope that she’s able to make a great bond with her baby as well.

In a way I’m happy my curiosity about Gilmore girls is fulfilled. On the other hand, Rory ruined it all for me. Maybe I’m furious. Maybe I’m upset. Or just disappointed. Or well, heartbroken. It’s hard to accept that your girl crush who you adored when you’re 12 grows up being a slutty adult.

…Is it really that hard to create a great fictional character to satisfy my shallow appetite, Netflix? Seriously?


Look at how adorable they were

All in all, satisfying to watch, at least I still got few wonderful moments that show the unbreakable bond between a mother and a daughter. AND let’s not forget Luke and Lorelai’s perfect wedding for a long lasting amazing relationship.

But good riddance to Rory. I’m not gonna miss her. And sadly to say, the Gilmore Girls lovely memory in my mind is stained now.

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