Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them (Spoilers!)

I will start by saying that magical creatures are just amazingly awesome. That’s how impressed I am after watching the movie. Not sure if it’s because of the visuals, well a very few scenes looked a bit unnatural, but overall it still showed the true magical feels in their existence.

Although I gotta say that the main actors and actresses, except Quennie, are rather…ugly. They certainly weren’t as good looking as my expectation for the leading characters. I guess I’m accustomed to be spoiled by Hollywood movies with their usual sexy characters. Lol. One point goes to Newt’s cast, Eddie Redmayne, however. He may not be what I call good looking, but this guy certainly got abudant charm. British men are just dashing, am I right, ladies?

It all started in 1926, where Wizarding World in America was bothered with a series of mysterious magical events that threatening their Law of Secrecy in No-Maj world. Cue Newt Scamander, British wizard, who had just arrived in New York with his big ol’ woodie suitcase. His goal was actually only to take his (Majestic) Thunderbird home to Arizona.

However, much to his chagrin, his simple journey would take up another notch when a cute naughty Niffler escaped from his suitcase for her love of sparkling expensive things. She had to be a shallow lady like me. If only I also had a belly to save all those jewelries. Oh well, at least my belly is filled with pizza.


When you see expensive stuffs you can’t afford

Because of this, he had to break into a bank’s vault to catch the Niffler. Jacob Kowalski, a No Maj, got involved in this unfortunate escapade. The next thing Newt knew, he failed to Obliviate the No Maj and got arrested by Tina Goldstein, an ex-Auror. He also accidentally swapped his magical suitcase, which was full with magical cute creatures, with Jacob’s. The latter was full with delicious breads. I wouldn’t say it’s the same value per Se, but close.


That bowl-hair tho

Tina Goldstein then brought him to Magical Congress of the United States of America (MACUSA) headquarters in the hope that this arresting case could give her the Auror position back. She was first demoted after she performed magic in front of Mary Lou, a hardcore No Maj who hated witches, to save a boy from getting beaten by Mary. It was a big scandal at the time. This boy, Credence, was Mary Lou’s the least favourite adopted son.

Unbeknownst to anyone, Credence later made a secret deal with Percival Graves, MACUSA’s Minister. Graves approached him and offered to free him from his abusive mother in exchange for finding the host of an Obscurus, a dark, destructive force inadvertently manifested by young magical children forced to conceal their powers.

Meanwhile in somewhere else, Jacob’s life was about to explode. Literally. Some creatures were able to escape and went around the city. One was left tho, to make sure Jacob would fart fire. I’d love to seeing that.

Since her case was dismissed right away by the President of MACUSA, Tina helped Newt hunt down Jacob. The former was then also forced to bring both men to her place for the night. Jacob and Newt met Tina’s beautiful Legilimens sister, Queenie, and Jacob was smitten right away.


Who wouldn’t want magic to do house-chores & cooking, really.

Later that night, after the girls made them cocoa, Newt and Jacob went on their own to capture the runaway creatures around the city which involved Jacob’s mating with a hippo. Kidding. Anyway, after recapturing two of the escaped beasts, they went back inside into the suitcase. Tina then found it and brought the suitcase to MACUSA once again.

Newt and Tina got arrested to take responsibility, because MACUSA and all the other Delegations Minister believed Newt’s beast was the one who killed Senator Henry Shaw Jr. (who cares about him tho?). Both got death penalty while Jacob would get Obliviate on the same day.

Luckily, a cutie tiny green thingie helped Newt to pick his cuffs and he and Tina escaped. Then they stumbled into Queenie who had saved Jacob as well and four of them successfully escaped from the headquarters with the 3 of them were conveniently going into the suitcase. Ha.

Credence got into another problem with Mary Lou after he got caught holding a wand which belonged to his adopted sister, Modesty. The Obscurus was unleashed right on cue before Mary was able to punish Modesty, killing everyone in the house except Modesty and Credence.

Graves arrived and took Credence to find Modesty, believing that Modesty was the Obscurus’ host. However, after dismissing Credence as a mere useless squib, he got served when it’s revealed that Credence was the Obscurus’ real host all this time. He then unleashed the Obscurus’ rage upon the city. (I wonder tho, did Graves really  not know or do it on purpose so the Obscurus got angry?)

In a subway tunnel, Newt was trying to talk calmly to Credence but got interrupted when Graves attacked him. Tina arrived and tried the same but as Credence began to settle into human form, Picquery and MACUSA’s Aurors came and disintegrated him. Poor boy. He just couldn’t take a break.

Graves started to throw tantrum about the Law of Secrecy and argued that the law was only to protect the No Majs, not the wizards. He then got subdued by one of Newt’s awesome flying beasts and it’s revealed that Graves was actually Gellert Grindelwald in disguise. Wait what? And it’s Johnny Depp! With a blond slick hair.


Could Deep get more sexier than this?

Picquery sighed and said that the wizards existence was exposed now as they could never Obliviate the whole city. But Newt got an idea and released his Thunderbird to obliviate people by making it rain.


Awesome majestic Thunderbird

Jacob’s adventurous time had to end now. He did walk into the rain with a big heart but just before he “woke up” Queenie kissed him under the rain. Aawww.

Our epilogue showed Tina and Newt exchanged goodbye because Newt had to come back to England. Newt “proposed” that he would bring his Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them book to her himself once it got published. (Another spoiler: Newt and Tina will get married so much later)

Before he left, Newt also secretly gave Jacob a collateral he needed (bunch of Occamy silver eggs) to get a loan from the bank to open a bakery. It seemed to be actually happened. Jacob finally had his own fresh bakery and his breads were just like the magical creatures. Lol. And Queenie visited him in the shop.

To me, the look in Jacob’s face when he met Queenie again was even more touching than Tina’s happy expression when Newt said he would visit her.

Anyway, I already loved this movie just for the fantastic beasts but this movie proves to be more awesome than I expected. I didn’t only get one twist with Credence, but two as I never guessed that Graves was Grindelwald. I thought Graves was really the bad guy. At this kind of moment I was glad I got fooled twice. Such delicious twists.

Although some would get confused who Grindelwald was and why he suddenly appeared if they didn’t watch closely from the very beginning on newspaper’s headlines part. Clues about Grindelwald also almost never appeared until the end. So it was really a nice surprise. I was like, “What, who is that? Grindelwald? Wait, is that Johnny Deep? Whoa!” I sound like an idiot, I know.

There were also so many hilarious moments involving Jacob Kowalski. Just looking at his clueless face was enough to make me laugh. And don’t forget his smoothness.


Look at his face

Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them series by JK Rowling is a sequel of Harry Potter series. In my understanding, this particular series will cover all the important events in 1926 -1945 which will be topped up by the legendary duel where Dumbledore finally defeated Ginderwald.

I assume this series is gonna make Albus Dumbledore its main character in the upcoming movies as most events center around him. It would probably also show more of the details of the history between them before the duel happened in 1945. But who knows. I clearly won’t mind any surprises this series will deliver next.

Overall it was a well-spent movie time. I got majestic creatures, cute Niffler, a lot of awes and laugh. Plus beautiful magics. I can’t ask for more. Okay I can, better looking main characters if you don’t mind.

Can’t wait for the second movie!

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