The Sicilian’s Unexpected Duty by Michelle Smart


Cara and Pepe had an unforgettable night together. In matter to help his brother to know where Grace was, Pepe charged himself to seduce Grace’s best friend, Cara. Little did he know that one weekend would change their life forever.

Pepe’s captured as a playboy, hopped from one bed to another easily and without conscience. But he had his own secret why he became a cynical-kind-of-gigolo-man. So when Cara told him that she’s pregnant with his baby, he tried like hell to deny it and force a paternity test and gave an unreasonable blackmail to keep Cara with him and couldn’t back to her life until the baby’s born. At this point, I already had an urge to make Cara walked away and told him that if something’s happened to his child later, that’s his own fault for not believing them. Let him live with his guilt then. Hah. I’m sorry I’m a sadistic.

That’s when I hadn’t known him better and was just frustrated with his unreasonable-mean-behavior. He’s so egoistical and irritating. Later, I was glad that Cara chose to stay, but this was so much later.

Back to the story, so, I really didn’t care if Pepe was kind of playboy and had his line of lovers before Cara. I didn’t care either when Cara met some of them, really, it’d bound to happen, just a matter of time. Well, they meant nothing. What I didn’t like was those women really felt free to touch him. It’s like he didn’t even own his own body and that’s gross. At this point, I was ready to list his fault and prepared not to forgive him.

That’s the problem. The author really did a good job to make Pepe redeemed his self. I don’t know if I have to hate the author or not. Usually I’d hate the hero till the end if he didn’t grovel. In this case, I already forgave him without knowing when I did. That’s a surprise.

Now about our heroine, Cara. I adore her! She’s a shy person but she didn’t let anyone walk on her. I had to love her sarcastic comments and giggled some time. She’s a virgin yet strong woman who I wanted to be my heroine. Imagine my surprise when she asked his money openly because his child’s his responsibility. It’s a nice change from the standard Harlequin heroines. You know, the kind of like she’s pregnant then told the father just because it’d be the right thing to do but then rejected money from the father because of pride. I think it’s just plainly stupid to refuse the financial support if the father wants the baby as well, especially if you yourself were a poor rat. I’m sidetracked again. Back to sensible Cara.

I love her strength, I love her honesty, and most of all I love her pride. Even when she admitted that she’s unable to support their child I felt her pride out of it. She didn’t let her pride to destroy what their child could have. They both had their own baggage and as they spent their time loving together, their emotion gradually grew to each other. I have to admit I was heartbroken too when Charlotte died. At first I didn’t even want to believe it until the word ‘funeral’ spoken.

It’s a delightful read, with great angst, and kind of book where you wanted to hate but couldn’t help to love it (usually it’s the opposite for me). MS really has me, two books from her, twice I dreaded to start reading them, twice I had to give up and ended up loving them until now I feel I just have to trust her anyway to give me a beautiful story. I like Cara more than Grace in the first book, this author really have a way to make a strong lovable heroine.

I love that Pepe couldn’t feel attracted with other women after Cara, I love the way Cara stood her ground with him, I love the epilogue. It’s cute. Very recommended.

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