A Sicilian Marriage by Michelle Reid


I rarely choose to read a novel about second chance marriage. But after reading this I found myself loving it.

It’s kind of intriguing more because you read not only about their first meeting, but also their big step of marriage and all their flaws.

This one has a pregnancy-miscarriage thing. Heroine had gotten pregnant but hero didn’t believe it was his, so they got in a fight that ended up with heroine slipped and fell down the stair. She got miscarriage, hero’s in agony of guilt and unable to see heroine got up/downstairs without being in a freeze-gut-wrenching-fear stance since.

I particularly like the way hero tried to get into heroine. I almost believe that he would do anything for the heroine’ sake.

Unfortunately, because this book is a novella, then you only get a short version of this interesting plot. It’s difficult to feel them when it glimpsed off in front of your eyes so fast. I think it could be better if only there’s more describing plot about their stagnancy of marriage, heroine’s process when she became the ice queen, and how the hero coped with all that.

And it won’t hurt to know a little bit more about the reasons behind their crazy jealousy too. Imagine my surprise when the OM’s name suddenly came out of nowhere, I was like *eyes blink* ‘Huh?’

Overall, nice read and since it’s a novella, it’s just perfect for a quick read while taking a break.

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