Fall For Me by Sydney Landon


I’m going to say the first words that came on my mind when I finished this book.

I adore Nick’s parents! Well, what could I say? They’re sweet, gentle, loving and adorable.
But let me get back to our hero and heroine.

I don’t like our heroine. And it’s simply an underestimate because I was on the edge to hate her through the whole story.

She doesn’t deserve our hero. You probably gonna say, hey she’s like that because of her parent, you shouldn’t blame her for becoming the person she is. But since it’s my review then I’m gonna tell what’s on my mind.

I’m not sure she’s strong or worthy enough to get Nick. (What’s her name? I already forget. crap.) Especially when she’s continually worry about her weight and appearance. I know that it’s sensitive for women about things like weight (hell, I’m a girl too.) but I guess it’s pretty normal and LOGIC to get more weights since you carry 2 (or 1) person in your belly. It’s like you’re heavier when you scale while carrying a bag, even using a shoes can make a difference with your scale. So I don’t know if she’s stupid or what. This girl is seriously taking weight problems to another level.

So when she’s starting to avoid her meal time just to be less heavy, I was so in disbelief. I was really tempted to say, “You want to be less heavy? Then get an abortion, honey. I bet you’re gonna be less heavy without the additional baby you’re carrying inside!” Now I sound like the mean bitch but boy, do I really want to slap that right on her face.

Anyway, the story progressed and imagine my surprise (or not) when WAM BAM, she lost one of her babies! And yeah, I’m pretty ashamed to admit that I’m glad she lost her/him. Bet she learned her lesson right, that a baby (or babies) is NOT an ‘additional’ thing, he/she becomes a part of you. You gotta eat so you gotta be healthy so your baby would be healthy and everyone’d be happier!

I found it’s difficult for me to picture Beth (finally I remember it!) as an adult person. I kept picturing her as an insecure and hormonal teenager-soon-become-adult who couldn’t see anything else beyond her weight problem. She’s not stable, she couldn’t make any decision unless something bad happened first or her sister kind of choked her off with the fact that everyone’s worried about her and Nick’s in misery.

Really, she doesn’t deserve our hero.

Our hero, Nick, is a sweet person despite the lack of ‘alpha male’ thing. But you would crawl on your knees to have a husband like that. He’s gentle and funny.

“Seeing her like this made him want to cut his dick off.”

Isn’t that just sweet? *evil grin*

I love a grovelling hero but I know it’s bordering to pathetic to read all the things she said and done to him. Beth kept kicking him out like an unworthy puppy but he’s just staying around loving her. Hell. At this point I was ready to tell him to stand to his pride as a human being, she practically treated him like he’s her slave. After this I’m going back to my harlequin romance where I’ll get my alpha male heroes, I need that right now.

But all in all, despite of the pitiful characters (especially our heroine), I’d say this book is very well-written and perfect for an entertainment in your leisure time. I give it 3.5 stars out of 5.

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