Wallbanger by Alice Clayton


This book has everything that I love in romance books. Damn.

Sexy hot alpha guy who stops fucking around once he fell for the girl at the first sight? CHECK.
Witty bold girl who can give her guy what he deserves? CHECK.
Damn hot sexy scenes? DOUBLE CHECK.

Gosh I need my Zucchini bread.

There’s only one thing I want to complain about, although I feel like I’m being an ungrateful bitch, but it has to be said. It was so slooooww and loooongg. I basically had to clench my thighs in anticipate for their moment. Needless to say, my thighs almost cramped since it took too long to get there and kinda dragged out the story almost at the end. Aaand the climax dropped flat.

I almost could feel what Caroline felt when her O just slipped away and left her right there even after she jumped off the cliff….Yep, it’s exactly like that. I almost cried.

I mean, I totally love their banter, and so much fun moments between them and their friends, but sometimes you just can’t wait for the big O dammit. Because that’s what you want when the sex *cough* read is that good. But drag it too long, and the excitement will burst. In a bad way, unfortunately.

Overall tho, this was a great read! You can’t love a book more when you adore the awesome characters and I’m not talking about the leading characters only. But I totally love my Caroline and Simon more. Especially Simon obviously. I wish he banged my wall. Sigh…

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