2017 Movies for My Inner Child

It feels like New Year was just yesterday but suddenly we’re already in February! I guess time really flies. But in this case, time has moved too slow for me, because I really can’t wait for these movies to be released.


Who can’t wait to see the new version of them too? Unlike other little girls back then who adored the Pink Ranger, I was always a huge fan of Yellow Ranger. So you must understand my surprise when, once upon a time, they decided to give the Yellow Ranger role to a boy…

The trailer looks promising this time. And look at the suits!



After the disappointment of Minions movie a few years ago, I make one conclusion. These cute minions are totally cuter in Despicable Me movie series. And this trailer has just proved it. I just hope there will be Despicable Me 4 instead of Minions 2 in the future.



This one is my favorite. As a little girl, I’ve heard about this bedtime story countless times although as an adult now, I kinda feel like this story is probably too romantic for kids…but hey, for little girls, it’s never too soon to dream about your future prince, right.

I honestly never watch the cartoon version of it because I’m not particularly fond of cartoons. So I’m really happy when they decided to make the real version of it.

Emma Watson and beautiful effects? I’m gonna be one of the first who sits at the theater to watch this.

And here’s a bonus!


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