The Wingman by Natasha Anders


3.5 stars, solely for the awesome writing style Natasha Anders never failed to provide.

I’ve always been a fan of Natasha Anders since I fell in love with the first read of The Unwanted Wife. Ever since, I’ve always waited patiently for her next book.

I got hooked right away just after I read the synopsis of The Wingman. Yet somehow I can’t relate to the story when I finally read it full, and it’s mainly because of the characters.

Of course it’s still well-written, it’s Natasha Anders after all.
But for the characters? *rolls eyes*

Especially the heroine. Honestly I didn’t care much, or at all, about the heroine since the beginning and I got more annoyed after half of the story. In the story, Daisy is supposed to be a unique, different one that other people call her the other McGregor. But for me, she falls short as a plain, lame and an adult-wannabe teenager.

As for Mason, well, he’s cute and adorable at times. But at almost the end, he made a confusing and weird conclusion out of nowhere that I find he had no base on. Sure he got mad and upset when Daisy didn’t trust him and jumped right into the wrong conclusion. He felt betrayed a big time. That part was understandable.

But then when finally Daisy tried to make it up to him and confessed, he suddenly decided there’s no way Daisy loved him for real and went belittling her feeling just like that (like it’s any of his right to tell her what to feel or not *rolls eyes*). And the reason he got to that conclusion?

Because he was her FIRST

*rolls eyes again*

I must have missed the memo that says you can’t fall in love in a first relationship. I’d understand about his doubt, but he’d gone beyond doubt and just being stupid. He’s justifying his action by thinking that he’d rather let her go than accept anything less than real love.

Well, hello, smart boy, have you even made sure about her feeling? Whether she really loved you or just in infatuation? NO. You went straight to belittle her feeling, reject her, and completely cut contact with her afterwards.

And then you came back after you’re afraid of losing her in a traumatic event?? Either he or I needs a brain check because I don’t understand his logic. Then again it’s a romance story so I guess a climax ending like that was needed.

I still hope that at least I got a smarter hero and heroine tho. The side characters like Spencer and Daff are also a bit too immature for my taste.

Overall, it’s a good read. Natasha Anders’ Lovers have to read this! Especially if you love this author’s awesome writing style like I do.

About the characters, well, all I can say is people have different preferences.

But since it’s Natasha Anders’ story, you have to, HAVE TO, read it. I can’t wait for her next book already. I hope the next one has better characters than this one and be as good as The Unwanted Wife, or even better!

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